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What do you say when you talk to yourself?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) January 25th, 2009

And what is your tone when you talk to yourself…

Are you mean?
Are you kind?

Who do you think is the one talking, and who is the “you” that is being addressed?
If you’re mean to yourself and you don’t like it, do you think it’s possible to change?

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I’m very sarcastic with myself.. I’ll quite often say stuff like “Well that was a good one genius” or “You really are the smartest human being to walk the face of the earth aren’t you” or “Shutup, somebody is coming, don’t want to look like a crazy person”

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I am actually cursing a lot in English when talking to myself. Dunno why. Most of the time it’s mean things about myself or people around me and quite often people on telly.

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When I talk to myself, I am brutally honest and that’s okay because I deserve everything that I say about me. I don’t really talk to myself in admiration but rather I admonish myself if I make mistakes.

I’ll call myself an idiot or make fun of myself when I do something stupid or unnecessary because I screwed up and I’m only human. Sometimes I’ll laugh at myself too if the situation calls for it and depending on what my mood or state of mind is at the time.

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I refer to myself by my last name and the tone is generally sarcastic.

Often it’s the “me” that knows better chastising the “me” that should have thought my latest action through better.

On the lighter side, I do sing to myself sometimes or carry on funny, pointless dialog.

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So is it mostly your Inner Critic that talks to you? Does anyone else in there say anything?

I’ve been cultivating a more loving voice when I talk to myself, and it has actually become quite genuine. I’ll fess up to an agenda I had when asking this question: that everyone feel less at the mercy of their Inner Critic, and have more love and peace within.

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Well the singing and such comes from my goofy self.

But I need the “inner critic” to kick me in the ass. He’s my motivator. He’s usually driving the bus, as it were.

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@Trustinglife Oh it’s all critic. Seems contrived and narcissistic to talk too nicely to myself. Of course, don’t get me wrong.. I don’t verbally abuse myself. I’m fully aware that I’m just having fun with me.

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@Trustinglife. I’m my own best critic and if I take the time to analyze what I’ve done wrong and beat myself up a little bit because of it, I think it helps me to better learn from my mistakes and become that much more smarter than I was before.

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I don’t talk to ‘myself’ but I have a running dialogue when I sketch in class. There is a lot of cursing. It usually happens when the tip of my pencils break, I smudge something, things like that.

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@cprevite, Yes, my Inner Critic is my motivator as well. Right now he’s telling me to hurry up and go to bed. He pushes me to be my best, and be an extraordinary human being. His harsh tone wasn’t working for me, and we worked out a new arrangement where he doesn’t take a nasty, sarcastic tone with me, and he primarily speaks about the future, not the past. In exchange, I value his counsel more and regard him highly. But he’s not the only voice in the choir.

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I joke with myself (lots of sarcasm) more than anyone else. I try to be real honest with myself. I let myself know when I am proud of something I did or ashamed/disappointed but don’t say enough to make me feel cocky OR inferior or let it turn into pity. Myself and I have some good laughs too. Basically, I talk to myself like I’m my best friend, haha.

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I say to myself, “O..weee, HELLO, what’s goin’ on now soooooofbbbronow? Aint nothin’ to me brutha. Oh yeah, goin’ to definitely rock tha’ boat definitely so. OOhhhh yeah! Ohh…goin’ find myself. The one only soul mighty cool; willest W. Garrett, better known as Slick O’ Spit the Preacher…Oooh, definitely up tight and together and out out of sight and theoretically grovin’ and definitely on the movin’...

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I generally say things like:
“self, step away from the computer and get something done around here; or…
“self, do you really need that cookie?’; or…
“self, 5 more minutes on the treadmill will let you eat that cookie without guilt”; or…
“self, don’t argue with the person on-line, it’s just not necessary to try and make them understand.”

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Maybe I’ve different. The main reason I talk to myself isn’t to be sarcastic or to be ironic or whatever. I usually have pretend conversations with someone else.

Okay that sounds really weird. Like kind of crazy. What I mean is, I might have a conversation (honestly pretty one sided, it’s not like I’m answering myself a bunch and stuff) about a single topic. I guess I started doing it so I would be prepared if a real live human actually asked me.

Like I might talk to myself explaining what a kernel does in computing. And I’ll try to explain it in layman’s terms and all that so people can understand it. This way if someone ever does ask me that (which they already have) I’ll maybe have a moderately well formed answer, instead of trying to think of analogies to explain what a linux kernel is and how there are different distributions of linux, yet they’re all linux, and how can there be different versions and how…

I’ve found that having these conversations has helped me think a little better on my feet. Kind of like practicing for an interview; I’m a little better prepared.

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I either ask myself questions like, “OK, does this go here or here?” or yeah, it’s that Inner Critic. Which I haven’t really thought about until now. Gee. I never say encouraging things or self-soothe aloud. Here is a kindness I could do myself!

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In conversations with me/myself/I most generally the words idiot, dummy, stupid, and a few choice others seem to surface. Most of the time shortly after I had the conversation dealing with safety related to my task at hand.

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Oh, I talk to myself about a little bit of everything. In my head that is literally true. I have a constant inner dialogue running (I never shut up!). When I’m talking more out loud it’s as likely to be sarcasm (oh, good job~) or genuine praise (oh! Good Job!). Pretty much the same way I talk to anybody.

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I talk to myself like I was carrying on a conversation with someone else. I’ve not answered myself yet, so I guess that’s a good sign, ha.

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I do think that it is possible to change (if you are mean to yourself when talking in your head). It depends on your support system, I believe. If you have positive people in your life, it tends to rub off on you.

I talk to myself when I see myself getting upset over something small. “Oh jonsblond, it’s not the end of the world. Take a deep breath and things will work out”.

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It’s weird. There’s always the same conversation over and over. It’s like I’m talking to this dwarf, and he’s shouting at me because he thinks I’m hard of hearing. I try to apologize, but he just shouts louder.

Once I tried to ask him a question, but he got all snippy about it, and accused me of failing to graduate from sixth grade. After that, I gave up. He was so angry.

Well, I shouldn’t say that. Because the next hour or day or whatever, when I try to talk to myself, he shows up again, and the same thing happens. It’s like deja vu, only worse. Oh, and get this: sometimes he puts in an appearance, just over there, in the corner of my eye. He changes his outfit on occasion. For some reason, he often wears green, like a leprachaun. When he looks ill, I think of him as a leper con, but when he catches me thinking that, all hell breaks loose. Unfortunatley, much as I try not to think it, I’m done for. Not thinking is the same as thinking!

What? Oh, he said to tell you something, but I’m not going to because it’s too mean.

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I am very mean. I yell at myself and call myself names for making mistakes like “Brian you dumbass”

If you have ever seen George Michael in the episode of Arrested Development where he gets an A- and he is studying and angry at himself, that is me.

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@Bri_L. Why do the best shows always get cancelled? :)

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@jonsblond – that is a tragic tragic loss. You can watch all 3 seasons in a row, every show and there isn’t a bad one among them!


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I don’t know what I say, I never listen.

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Definitely inner critic. I cuss myself out in the third person.
“You f..king idiot”
“f..k my life”
“What were you thinking?”

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Might want to change that, you idiot.

I’m kidding, but why is it so different if someone else calls you an idiot, versus yourself. You don’t have to talk that way to yourself.

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I always find I am more critical of myself than others. I think that is a good attribute.

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@filmfann I agree, as long as you are strong enough to take what you dish out. However, there are times when self-criticsm gets so harsh that it starts running away from you, and there’s no way to stop it. Not good. (me, not you!)

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