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What movie or show is this/these scene(s) from?

Asked by Haroot (2123points) January 25th, 2009

Saw it such a long time ago flipping through the stations. Not sure if it was a film or a tv show. I don’t remember any speech. Just…dancing.

Guy in a coffin with a glass window. He’s still alive. Some others are hauling the coffin. About….half dozen? Maybe? He bangs and screams then a female gets on the coffin, does a dance over thewindow then flashes her underwear to the man which had so me sort of emblem on it. Later, the coffin is placed in a fire. Incinerated alive. All that comes out is ash and his eyeballs. The female dances some more.

Anyway, anyone got any ideas?

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Sorry, no. If you find the name of the movie, lets us (me) know, so I never make the mistake to go see it!

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At first, I was thinking of Vampyr, but then the scene you described went a little into crazyland.

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Yeah I know. Really out there. That’s why so many years later it still bugs me. Newer then Vampyr. It was in color.

And note for all I know it may have been some tv show.

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