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Is ther there any hypochondriac here?

Asked by FrancisRude (225points) January 25th, 2009

Hypochondriasis (or hypochondria, sometimes referred to as health phobia) refers to an excessive preoccupation or worry about having a serious illness.

I worry so much about my health. For example, a friend having a bite from my pie, id think id get sick because that person is sick. If i feel something I go online and research for that and seriously worsens my condition.

The only and last time i cheated on my gf, and thought id get something. I was feeling sick and all maybe because of the guilt, but the results was all good. And when i got the results all I was feeling went away.It is really amazing how mind can play some tricks on you.

Is there anyone like me? How do you “lessen” or control this things..

I found some sites but it would be really nice to hear from real people and whatever you think.

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Hypocondriasis and infidelity are two completely different issues.

You may need to talk to a therapist if you worry excessively about health issues, particularly since you are very young.

Infidelity can be dealt with much more easily. Make a decision and stick with it.

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Yes i do know infidelity is a different issue, but I am using it as an example of how bad my condition can be. I know I cheated and I was wrong, in fact I had enough balls to admit it to my gf. Yes, I got back with her and I am very lucky.

Anyway, putting it in a the context of hypochondria, I worry about my health alot.

Thanks though for your response. I dont think I like to see a a psychiatrist for cognitive behavior therapy nor take SSR’s.

Anyone have a natural way?

Right now I exercise 4–5 days a week. It does help out, and balance diet really works.

P.S. Please dont treat me like sh*t for cheating on her. I came here to seek information regarding hypochondria. Thanks. :)

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I am a major hypochondriac! I inherited this condition from my mother ~. The good thing is I know I’m a hyppochondriac, so I’m able to calm myself down (usually) before I let my imagination run away with me. If I am unable to calm myself, I take a Xanax. On the flip side, I’ll probably die of something really stupid because I never go to the doctor…because I know I’m a hypochondriac!

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Hey augustian, thanks for the response. Im thinking of asking my MD to get me some clonazepam too but maybe the 0.25 strength and cut it smaller lol. I am never into medications well i dont like taking any except for vitamins and some pain meds when necessary. I also know I am hypochondriac but its funny its kinda hard for me to stop it. I try to meditate but dude haha it doesnt work hahaha. Im glad i met someone whos the same. :)

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It’s just one more symptom of my general anxiety…sigh. Hope you find a way to lessen its impact on your life :)

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I have always been a terrible hypochondriac, I constantly talk myself into feeling badly and then have to talk myself into being well again. It is exhausting. I think of it as my mental illness or simply my condition and it is much preferable to asthma or migraines. I also tell myself to stop thinking about me, get my mind on something else. And Augustian, as you said, I figure I will probably die of some disease that I convince myself is just the hypochondria and therefore ignore!

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I used to be a serious hypochondriac. Especially to Trans Fat and red meats. To this day, I avoid both, but not fearful of Trans Fat.

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I am a chronic hypochondriac, and it doesn’t help that my Dad died with about six different things wrong with him from emphysema to cirrhosis of the liver, and I am getting close to the age he was when he died. Of course, I don’t drink, I eat much healthier than he ever did, and I try to take care of myself. But still, it’s pretty rough sometimes.

Like Augustlan, I take xanax, and try to calm myself down. Recently, I’ve been having suicidal thoughts, so I went to my doctor. He prescribed some antidepressants and lined me up with a shrink.

Some quick advice, you ever want to get in to the doctor when they are all booked up,just say you’ve been having suicidal thoughts. It’s like going to the ER and telling them you think you are having a heart attack. ZIP! right in, no waiting.

This answer just made me think of a new question.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I’m so glad you’re getting the help you need! I hate to think of losing your presence here, and in the wider world. If you need a shoulder, you know where I am.

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I dont really know how to stop doing all this stuff…
but i get very paranoid about getting ill…. my dad was the other week and i had to boil all of my cutlery before i used it, lock myself in a room for as long as possible etc etc…
also ever since i was really young i stop doing things and become absolutely paranoid about using/ touching/ eating things that i did when i was ill before, like now i am scared of certain pillows, chairs etc etc, which gets weird trying to explain to guests why i need them to move seats, they must think im really rude… =\
Also when I read medical dictionaries, if i look at the name of the thing, whatever it is, i have to read the whole descriptions because i get scared i’ll get whatever its talking about if i don’t, which is frustrating, because you want to find out one thing but can’t help glancing at the names of 20 other things… you get the idea it starts to take up a while…
Anyway i never saw any doctors about this… because im scared of them too & everything, especially after i was so scared i had meningitis but it turns out i just have tension headaches from worrying about this stuff… =)

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@fathippo What you describe is a little beyond ordinary hypochondria… I think some counseling could greatly benefit you. Anxiety/OCD issues can really interfere with leading a happy life, and therapy (along with meds if necessary) can have a huge impact on your sense of well-being. It helped me tremendously, and I urge you to consider it.

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@augustlan well all that stuff runs in our family so i suppose i might have inherited some stuff…

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My parents think i have it, and yes i worry way to much about my health, i need to see a therapist cause i go online and when i see symptoms i think i have it.

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