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What is the biggest problem or issue in your life right now? have you figured out a plan or a solution to try to fix it?

Asked by jca (36043points) January 25th, 2009

problem or issue of any kind at all….....

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Jobless. Working on it. Doing contract and freelance work with a well connected agency.

Next is my healthcare runs out next month. I will get back to you on that.

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Insanity. Getting tons of therapy, and taking tons of drugs. It seems to be helping.

Now we’re trying to come up with the money for our kids’ education. We’re working on a plan.

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Money. And nope.

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Money. Yes, we have a plan and things are turning around (just a little slower than I wish).

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College. Which reminds me of a question I need to ask Fluther! Thanks… haha

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Relationship stuff. I have two plans in place to settle the issues at hand. All it needs now is patience, time and God.

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I love Fluther, but I can’t divulge such information!! :P

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debt… and work. Just got a job though so I am currently kinda happy.

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Just some classes to graduate and get my degree on time, mortgage, and some other things. Yes, i have figured out some plans and alternatives in case. Its good to be ready when a big storm comes.

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I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for years and years. I was just starting to look for a job, my husband has been looking to change jobs for 2 months with no luck. On Friday the company he works for had to lay him off. So now, we’re both unemployed! Crap, crap, crap! Plan? Work our butts off looking for work.

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My daughter being abducted, and yes, I did find a way to solve it, though it’s taking ages and driving me crazy. I just have to keep calm and bide my time until everything is done properly.

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Good luck, Jack. Let us know how it all turns out, ok?

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Lack of cabbage caused by long unemployment.

Multiple plans that seem to be working at a slow crawl – but things are very shoestring.

@Jack79: Good lord – I’m so sorry that is still going on. I’m anxious for you.

@augustlan: I’m sorry about the hubby – truly sucks. Best of luck.

And while I’m at it…Best wishes to everyone here. I hate that folks are having such a rough time if it.

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Intermittent bouts of depression, currently fairly controlled. I know that diet, exercise, talk therapy, antidepressants, prayer and play ( all aspects of self care)
Serve to help me feel better. I do need to get out and walk on a regular basis.

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Fighting with my best friend over something I, admittedly, did very wrong, but that she has now blown way, WAY out of proportion. She’s let this go on far too long. In terms of a solution, I feel I’ve fulfilled every possible solution in terms of apologies and whatnot, and now the ball is in her court. She’s being quite irrational, however, and discovering that no one wants to pay attention to her anymore, especially on this subject, so we’ll see how that effects the situation.

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For those of you who know my case, there are 3 reasons I am so calm:

1. I have done all I could and now things are finally moving forward
2. She is 100% safe for now, even though she is not at all happy
3. I can not cope with the psychological aspect of it, or I’ll collapse. So I have decided to stay calm and use my brain to solve the problem. The only other alternative would be to buy a gun and start shooting people, and that would not help her much.

So basically I am optimistic that everything will be fine in the end. I just wish I could talk to her and tell her that. The poor child must be going through hell right now.

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