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What is wrong with my flashdrive?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) January 25th, 2009

Hi Y’all. I have a 4GB Kingston flashdrive for a usb. When I plug it into any computer, and view its files/open the drive contents, there is nothing to be seen!

However, it says that nearly 2.5 gigs of it is full.

When I head to a Walgreens and plug it into the manual photo print machine’s usb, hundreds of pics show up. How can I access these files? Are they hidden? What can I do to clear space on my flashdrive?

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Try setting the view options to show hidden files, or it could just be a problem with the PC. Try plugging it into a Mac / Linux system for a different view of the files. If you’re not bothered about loosing the files then you can do a reformat of the drive by right clicking on it and pressing format

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Sometimes if the trash is full on your puter there isn’t enough memory to open the files. Try emptying the trash and see what happens. I have also had flash drives wear out. Does seem strange though that data shows up on the photo print machine.

You can delete individual files (if you can see them) by dragging them into the trash or hilighting and then hitting delete.

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