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Can a 2 year old German Shepherd still be trained?

Asked by wenbert (311points) January 25th, 2009

I got it from my uncle. i was wondering if old dogs can still be trained with the basics…

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All dogs can be trained at any age. Be patient and consistent.
And actually that breed is extremely intelligent, you may find it easier to train him.

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Yes, I have trained dogs as old as 12

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Absolutely, and here’s proof.

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Absolutely. Consistency, calmness, and patience will be all that you really need, but liver treats will help a great deal.

But at two, your dog isn’t even old!

BTW, we took in several Katrina dogs, including a 2-year-old pit bull who had never been in a house before and was bull-headed, scarred up, and strong to boot. We taught him to pee and poop outside, not to chase cars, to walk on a leash without pulling anyone face first through the mud, to sit, stay, leave it, heel and come, get off the couch, and to wait his turn for food and treats. It took a while to do it all, but he is a wonderfully behaved dog now.

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2 years as in 2 human years and not 2 years of dog years… am i making sense? how old is 2 years of human years converted to dog years?

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A 2 (human) year old dog is pretty much a teenager still – able to reproduce and fully grown, but with boundless enthusiasm and not the best common sense. Our 2-year old pit bull was two in human years, and about 19 or so in dog years. has an example of what they consider the relative ages, but I am not certain I agree with it entirely.

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It is never to late to teach an old dog new tricks. :-)

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Absolutely! In fact, 2 years old is a great age for dogs to forget what they’ve been taught so it’s often a good time to reinforce training. Go for some positive reinforcement techniques and it will also help establish a great bond between you and your new dog. Good luck!

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1 Doggie year is suppose to equal 7 human-
So, 2 Doggie is 14 human
That’s young for us.

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Yes! think of all of the success stories with dogs that are rescued from shelters.

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