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A Question For Those With A SiiG 2-Port Firewire Express Card?

Asked by setmeinmotion (6points) January 26th, 2009

Hi, So I have been using this audio interface, Presonus Firebox, for sometime on my desktop (powers by its 6 pin to 6 pin firewire connection) but now I’m using a laptop without a 6 pin port…I’m thinking of buying this SiiG 2-Port Firewire Express Card:

But I want to know if the card itself is automatically powered once in the laptop or if I am going to have to power it some other way….

Will I be able to just put it in, plug my firebox into it, and it will work?

I have a HP Pavillion dv9000 if that helps


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it will plug in and power itself using the power from the laptop, there will not be an AC adapter needed to plug into the wall for this SiiG 2-port Firewire Express Card.

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