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Has anyone ever had a high risk sex offender live close by?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) January 26th, 2009

Has anyone ever been in this situation? Can i argue that to end my lease on the apartment? He does not live in the apartment community, but 2 minutes away…

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We, all of us, are likely in that situation at any given moment. It’s not limited by demographic or region.

I’d almost say it matters less where the offender lives and more as to what kind of transportation s/he has access to and his/her level of intelligence (in planning how to get away with future crimes).

BTW, what criteria makes this particular person “high-risk”?

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I would perceive it as a non-issue, unless you some how came in contact with them in your daily routine.

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Robmandu: Sexual perform child employ induce/authorize (attemp to commit) that is what the card says…

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To be really scared, go to, and type in your address. I did for my home in Chicago, and a cavalcade of dots appeared in a ten block radius.

Don’t worry about it. Just be safe, keep your kids safe, teach them not to talk to strangers, etc. You’ll be fine.

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There are sex offenders everywhere. Most of us have sex offenders near us and don’t even realize it. You are aware. I am a criminology student and I can offer an opinion and say there is no need to start boarding up your windows or try to get out of your lease. That would be a rash decision. Even if you move you will still be around sex offenders. Just be aware of your surroundings as you should be anyways because criminals are everywhere not just two minutes away.

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Most apartments are only held to what they offer in their contract. We were in one for a few months, while renovating our house – I mean gutting our house. There was a clause that would allow us to break our contract if a reasonable attempt to provide a safe complex or safe housing, wasn’t provided. That was within the complex, not the surrounding areas. Now, we lived in a “safe” area and had no problems, but you certainly cannot expect the complex to monitor all the people that move in and out of the areas surrounding your apartment complex.

Please understand that I understand your concern; however, you cannot live in fear. I am a rape victim, believe me, I understand. 19 years ago, I was attacked, but life has moved on for me. I look at those sites, but I don’t obsess. I’d never leave my house, if I did.

You are responsible for you. You are responsible for being as safe and aware as possible – but you will never be able to control the actions of others. Just be aware of your surroundings. If something doesn’t “feel right” it might not be, be more aware and pay attention to what is going on.

Just because someone isn’t on the list, doesn’t make them safer than those that are – meaning you never know what may happen in life.

Be safe, be responsible – that is the best thing you can do.

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Yes, and it’s likely you have too at any address.
Google Megan’s Law.

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Yup. Ron lives next door. He’s a nice guy though. I’m going over there in a few minutes for cookies and punch!

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Was wondering what could be worse. Then happened across this.

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statistically, I think that kids have more to fear from acquaintances and family members.

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@Les et al: I just clicked on your watchdog link and no dice! Found it at:

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