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At what time should I start checking for the halftime show at this years' Superbowl?

Asked by dalepetrie (18014points) January 26th, 2009

I’m not a sports fan, and I will not be watching the Superbowl. I do however want to see the 2 1/2 minutes of 3-D commercials that are supposed to air right after half time. I know half time is whenever the game is half over, but not being someone who pays any attention to how long a Superbowl game usually takes, or what time a half time show usually comes on, I have no idea when to start perusing the channels. What do you think is the best time to check where I won’t have already missed it?

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Shortly after the 2nd quarter ends?

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@Grisson – I suspect you might be the kind of person whom if I asked how long to cook something, you’d reply “until it’s done”.

s’ok, I have a sense of humor.

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Each quarter of a football game has 15 minute quarters but they never actually last just 15 minutes due to time outs, penalties, injuries, or whatever else may delay the game. So, expecting half time at 30 minutes into the game won’t be the case.

My advice would be to tune in the football game near the end of the second quarter and just wait it out until the halftime show and commercials actually start and then you’re guaranteed not to miss anything.

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So what they are saying is every so often turn on the TV and check to see what quarter it is.

Do you have a way to record it? That might be your best bet and you don’t have to worry about checking in.

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Kickoff is supposed to be at 6:20, so I would guess that tuning in around 7pm would be close.
But setting the recorder would be a good idea too.

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If kickoff is 6:20pm, a closer guess would be 7:30pm. Especially if it’s after half-time that you are looking for.
Kickoff hardly ever starts at the posted time for the SuperBowl. Plus you have the extra long half-time. 7:30 would be conservative, and safe.

Assuming times are EST.

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oh, i completely missed the after the halftime show part of the qestion

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@fireside Let’s go with 7–7:30 to be safe. It is the Super Bowl! The commercials are good during the entire time anyway if that’s why you are watching

Go Broncos! A woman can dream, can’t she?!

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Oh, when I said “after half time”, I meant after half time is called, not after the half time show. The press release says “at the end of the second quarter”, basically from what I’ve read it’s the first commercial immediately following the end of the first half of the game.

I could DVR it and delete it, it’s just I’d have to record the whole damn thing, which seems like such a waste. I’ll figure it out, just wanted to have a ball park of when half time might be.


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Another ballpark guess… if the game actually does start at 6:20 EST, which I couldn’t verify by a quick Google search, then my rough guess would be that halftime would start closer to 7:50. That would be cutting it close, not playing it safe. If I were a betting man, my guess is halftime would start at 7:55.

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@dalepetrie Yeah, pretty much.

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