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I'll be in Chapel Hill for a couple of days starting tomorrow, does any fellow jellyfish lives close?

Asked by flameboi (7524points) January 27th, 2009

Just in case I get lost, you never know, I don’t like to think that I’m a complete stranger!!!!

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I’m in Durham, which is 10 minutes from Chapel Hill. If I’m not mistake, girlofscience is a student at UNC.

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Left there in ‘99. Fun little town. Franklin St. is the main drag. Check out Top of the Hill (if it’s still there), the Rathskellar, and Time Out, which is southern food open 24 hours. Definitely have some BBQ while you are there (ask around). Don’t drink out of “the fountain” on campus. You’ll find a lively nightclub scene there, too. Have fun.

(or just hang with @syz)

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Thank you! Kevbo I’ll check those places I’m planning to have a lot of fun!

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I’m actually in Durham, too. (I’m a grad student at Duke.)

I’m terribly busy this week, finishing up a class (two finals for it, tomorrow and Friday), but I hope you have fun! What will you be in Chapel Hill for?

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