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If you could release some whimsical thing upon the world, what would it be?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) January 27th, 2009

What would it look like? What would it do? Why would you release it?

Here’s a chance to let your imaginations go free. Do you have a pet peeve, or something you’ve always wondered about? Here’s your chance to imagine something that would be an answer to your issue. If you have some fantasy you’d love to see come real (dragons, ghosts, whatever), what is it? Why is it important to you that this thing come into existence?

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i would unleash gombas from Super MArio Bros 1….. To see some 8bit fighting…

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@Staalesen: what would that be like?

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I would like to see someone important from the history. For example the Buddha or even Jesus. Tell me is it true that what you have said in ur scriptures and writings by ur disciples are correct. I would like to know the absolute truth if there is one.

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the snorks.. i’d release the snorks..

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My grandma had this duck that was knitted. You would squeeze it and jelly beans would come out of its butt. Everyone should have one of those.

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definitely the Dosers from Fraggle Rock. They build all those cool little buildings from radishes. They would make cool pets.

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I like the idea of fairies for different things. I like those commercials that talk about the “Credit Fairy”. I think there can be fairies for almost anything.

The Party Fairy shows up when you’re in need of celebrating and is a catalyst for gatherings most excellent.

The Bacon Fairy makes sure you never run out of breakfast meats.

The Fair Weather Fairy makes sure you have snow for christmas when you want it, snow days on test days, and sunny days for picnics.

There are hundreds of fairies and some are known by several nicknames. They are all mischievous and fun-loving with wings and a lot of energy. They’re all named Steve.

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Just once I would like to see a spaceship (not of this planet)
Life existence on Mars/ the rock.
A hidden species on this planet that has yet to be discovered (aquatic,dinosaur or a man that has yet to completely evolve)

Lol, He’d be half man and half gorilla LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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Airports and other public places would become centers of connection and meeting neighbors, perhaps like ancient markets used to be. Farmer’s markets would rise in prominence. Neighbors would get to know each other. There would be more whoopee cushions.

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There are a lot of changes I would like to see in the world, but when you say whimsical, the first thing that comes to my mind is a big red balloon. Like the red balloon that befriends the boy in Paris in that old film (The Red Balloon), I can imagine a big red balloon floating around the world and somehow magically making everyone stop for a moment and reflect on their common humanity. A first step toward peace in the world (and quite a burden for one lowly red balloon!)

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I imagine someone of “mixed-race” who somehow becomes president of the strongest nation on Earth. He would be strong, patient, kind, and down-to-earth. He would be elected fairly, out of a hunger for the kind of integrity and sensible leadership that he represents. (Please don’t wake me from this dream.)

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@ trusting – That’s great! I’m dreaming it too and it’s soooo good.

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She already exists.

The Hugging Nun.

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I’d release gangs of Tickle Me Elmo’s on the world to go around and make people happy, chase their blues away, and make everyone forget their troubles for a while.

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You guys are not going to believe this… I had the exact same dream…

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Magic. Like in Harry Potter. I’m like obsessed with the thought of magic. I constantly play magic rpg’s and whatnot. I just think it would be hella cool.

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Every time a person utters a statement, or performs a deed meant to cause harm to another, a penis grows out of the center of their forehead for and hour.

this way we can tell who the dickheads are

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A body film that reflects the mood and intent of any person speaking to or looking at you.

A printer that engraves paper instead of depositing ink.

These are important to me because I want to see available technology used in humanity’s favor — to help forward peace instead of war, and to reduce pollution instead of increasing it.

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@johnpowell – while your grandmother’s duck may have been one of a kind, you can get a mammalian version these days at

They even come in multipacks of six!

And there is a more environmentally friendly version at

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Lightsabers, and a program where you can get certified to use one.

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@Introverted_Leo big up for that one!

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heh, do you know how great that would be for women who’re afraid they’ll get kidnapped at night, the ones that carry pepper spray? They’d never see it coming!
_ _ _

Creepy man: “Hey, how you doin’?” <makes a move on you>

Woman: <ignites lightsaber suddenly>

Creep: “Shi*!” <runs>

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Gremlins. Just remember…never feed them after midnight!

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Santa would really come down my chimney.

I wouldn’t be broke this time of year if this were true

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I’ve released Evelyn upon the world. Could there be anything more whimsical than a 300 foot tall goddess with six boobies? I didn’t think so.

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in a Mick Jagger accent: “It’s been done.”

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Flying whales. Though the whimsy might be short lived once they started shitting on everything.

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@Jamspoon Then you would have released two whimsical things on the world.

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Shitty whimsy or whimsical shit???

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Or whitty??

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@janbb LOL Awesome!

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@janbb kudos for the Red Balloon reference. I love that movie!

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That was the first movie I ever saw!

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@chelseababyy – I know that I could certainly use a couple of house elves

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I’d like to release a magic flute. It would zip around leaving sparkle dust and sweet but subtle music whenever two people met for the first time…nobody would know why, but he/she would feel happy and confident and glad to be meeting the new person. The little flute would be everywhere instantaneously. I think it might have other properties…maybe leaving the taste of strawberry ice cream in one’s mouth whenever it passed by, or evoking memories of the first time one touched a kitten’s tongue. Something like that.

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@francescadellacruz: what a lovely image! If you ever invent a happy world, I want to live in it! Lurve!

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And, of course, you would be most welcome. Lurve back at you.

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how about peace and kindness!!! An a lot LESS Lazyness…

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