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What kind of creature makes a high pitched clicking noise and tries to get inside houses late at night?

Asked by KrissyFace (4points) January 27th, 2009

MY boyfriend was up really late at his house the other night.(he lives in a community on the outskirts of town near the desert) And something started pushing on his door from the outside. (he saw the door moving). It couldnt have been very big otherwise the door would have opened, cuz it dsnt shut very well When he went to push the door closed, he heard very high pitched clicking noises that came in short bursts. it freaked me out >.< and i wanna know what it is.There were two other witnesses also. his little brother and a friend. anybody have any ideas?

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El Chupacrubra!

No, probably a gecko. They’re the only lizards who make noise, and it supposedly sounds as you describe.

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Bats make very high pitched sounds that can be described as a clicking noise.
El Chupacabra is much to big. I know. I was once married to her.

And she’s known as La Chupacabra, or Bitch.

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i actually thought about El chupaubra!!! lolz
But it was pushing on the door. like a small dog would. Also, they have a Boxer(her name is Mia) and she barks at the doors like something is outside and she’s nvr rlly dun tht b 4. Whatever was there tht night, it seems like its been coming back a lot….im afraid 2 leave at night now >.<

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DEFINITELY a mother-in-law.

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Bigfoot (comes in all sizes)

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In the desert: Scorpion?

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too small to push a door

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@eponymoushipster Ah, more lizards. It’s always with the lizards.

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Unless you’re in Minnesota. Then it’s definitely NOT lizards.

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Geckoes in Minnesota? I would doubt that!

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I think it’s aliens.

Or rabid wolverines.

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A chipmunk, squirrel, skunk, possum, something along those lines. They make chatter noises.

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A tiny little pygmy bushman.

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Raccoons? They make those weird little noises and can get into some pretty weird places.

Or it’s the boogey man…

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edit: El Chupacabra is much too big.

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That would be the wife!

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