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What do you think you will die of?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) January 27th, 2009

as health-conscious as i try to be, i think occasional over-indulgence will probably catch up to me sooner or later. i mean, i ain’t ready to go, but just a question of thought.

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Probably cancer if I don’t give up cigarettes soon…

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I will probably die of a smoking related illness if I don’t get hit by a car on my bike or skateboard first.

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Either a heart attack, or my own hand.

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Something that has to do with my health, i dont eat ’‘healthy’’ on the other hand, i dont smoke nor drink, so i dont really know..

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@AlfredaPrufrock: don’t do it! we need your wisdom on fluther!

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Asphyxiation to the brain.

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@2late2be: change your mind about food. i always tell my boys “what you don’t want to eat is what you really need.”

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Oh no, if I become dotty, or get Alzheimers, I’m checking out.

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@AstroChuck: you never cease to amaze me bro.

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Probably a stroke – it’s a family tradition.

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@charliecompany34- Everyone I’ve known that has died has died of that.

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@Dorkgirl that’s the way i’d like to go.

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I have diabetes that I control as best as I can and I earnestly hope that any complications from it later in life, if that were to happen, wouldn’t lead to my early demise. I’d really like to die of old age and nothing else.

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Natural old age, I hope. High cholesterol runs in my family and I never had any indications until last year. With diet and exercise, I was able to negate the high triglycerides the doctor found at my annual checkup (DALOON). If left unchecked, I was at risk for heart attack or stroke.

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@Bluefreedom you can conquer anything. you will live and not die early as long as you put your mind and heart to it!

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@charliecompany34. Great words of wisdom. Thank you for those, my friend.

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@PupnTaco keep “turning it around,” man! you can reverse it and gain years on your life with good diet and exercise.

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@charliecompany34 Don’t cease-to-am-taze me, bro.

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I have lived my entire life in “the chemical valley of the world” until the last few years when Carbide, Monsanto and Dow have pretty much closed down here. I probably will die of some sort of cancer brought on by living close to the chemical plants. There is a high incidence of bladder, kidney and lung cancer here.

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@richardhenry i like that one! remember that episode—the don’t taze me bro thing? funny. funny…

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Probably die trying to keep my boyfriend alive. lol

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A broken heart.

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I think I’ll die cliff diving or something insane.
I said I’ll for the most part try everything once. It’ll catch up with me.

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Only the Great Baby in the Sky knows for sure, but I’m thinking it will be death.

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pfff die, I plan to live forever.

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Whatever it is, I’ll probably be Fluthering at the time!

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@girlofscience no, i was just taken aback by your response. uh, murder just aint the way i want to go.

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One day, while I’m not home, a satellite will break orbit, fall to Earth, and land on my house causing the foundation to crack along with the main support beams. After I spend 6 months (and most of my life savings) on repairs I’ll tour the country doing talk show after talk show telling everyone my amazing story. They’ll all ask, “Aren’t those things supposed to burn up in the atmosphere?” To which I will respond, “Yes they are. I’m just happy to be alive.” Oprah will give out gifts. (her new BOTM just so happens to touch on the space program and guess what’s under your seat) After the tours are over I will use that money to build a new house. Bigger. Nicer. A house in which I can sleep happy. A few years after that I’ll be burglarized in the middle of the night during a “happy sleep” and be seriously injured. Paralyzed. Finally I’ll return home (to my old house since I would have had to sell the new one to pay the hospital bills) to get placed in my bed daily by my live-in nurse. Weeks later, while watching Steamboat Bill Jr., the main support on my house will give way and the roof will cave in around the nurse and me. I will survive the collapse but not the knife the nurse was holding which would then be in my throat. Killing me.

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@charliecompany34: Well, it’s not the way I want to go either, but it’s not exactly under my control.

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@Sakata hmmmmm… ya got it all figured out i see. interesting.

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Everyone who knows me just assumes that I will die in a car wreck.

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@syz: I just looked you up! If any of my babies ever have a late-night emergency, perhaps we’ll meet!

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@girlofscience This is one of the only businesses where saying “I hope I never have to see you” is a nice thing!

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@syz: Haha, yeah; and now I know where your username comes from! [Wow, I am a really creepy stalker.]

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i will probly die of stress from wife going to a male doctor! when there are so many females to go to.

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Some brown-haired kid in glasses will yell, “Avada Kedavra!” at me, and that will be that.

Or old age.

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I don’t know how I will die, but I hope it’s from laughing. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually die frome laughing too hard?

I will probably go from a heart ailment or stroke because it runs heavily in my family.

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1 in 2 of the people here: Cancer

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I hope to die from a intense, prolonged Orgasm.

preferrably on the up stroke so I get one more coming down

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@Blondesjon oohwee—great way to go! “good to go” is a great phrase at that point i think.

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@Blondesjon. So what you’re saying is, you want to be coming when you’re going, right? :o)

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autoerotic asphyxiation, like mulder.

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If I’ll choose a military career I’ll probably get shot or blown away.

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If I’ll choose a manufactoring career I’ll probably get mulched by a machine.

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I’d like to go out in some hilarious, “blaze of glory” way. Has anyone else seen how the 2 grandfathers go in Secondhand Lions? I’m envious.

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@a880099 Are you serious?

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@Foolaholic I love Secondhand Lions. I have seen it several times. That would be a great way to go.

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I am going to die in a fiery crash while attempting to break the world record for jumping the most buses on a motorized unicycle.

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i keep thinking it will be from natural things of the earth like barley, hops, iwheat, grapes and leaves.

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@NaturalMineralWater really? are you evel knievel’s son? i mean, hey, i believe celebrities fluther anonymously.

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Because I have leukemia and am also fighting breast cancer, I refuse to die from cancer! Can my children be held responsible for my demise?

OLD AGE. That is what I think will be my end….old age!

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@cak. I admire your courage and convictions wholeheartedly. I can’t possibly imagine what it must be like to go through what you are dealing with. I’d just like to say that I read alot of your answers here on Fluther and they and you are inspirational to me.

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@Bluefreedom – thank you very much! It’s more stubbornness than anything! I learned from the best, my Dad. :)

Blue, it’s truly just another hurdle in life. Even if you stumble, you gotta get up, wipe you butt off and keep going. Besides, I want to skydive again and my husband isn’t about to let me do it any time soon! I have to be in remission!! ;)

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@cak. You have a very optimistic and sensible outlook even when the odds are against you and I think that speaks highly of your character. Your enthusiasm and zest for life is really infectious. I hope you get well soon and do some Skydiving!

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@AstroChuck – you beat me to it!

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@a880099 lolz what a nub….sorry

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I am going to die off the guillotine. Trust me.

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for most of my life I was pretty sure I’d die of lung cancer, since I was smoking like a chimney. I had just learnt to accept it as a fact, and then I quit. My lungs are fairly clean now, so I guess I might avoid that after all. And it won’t be an accident, because I hit a wall at over 100mph the other day and nothing happened. So I guess it will probably be a bullet, or some other weapon of choice, most probably held by my ex-wife’s brother or someone like that.

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I have no idea what will kill me, but with my luck, I’ll be devoured by rabid gerbils in a freak pet store incident. I can think of several ways I’d probably go, but what strikes me as funny is that all those health-conscious people will feel silly when they end up in the hospital dying of nothing.

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lung cancer.

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Over enthusiasm.

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@scamp, it is my great ambition to die laughing. I have made my son promise that if he is on hand when I seem to be near my end, he will lean over and say something to me that will just fracture me so I can bust a gut with laughter. In fact, he has a saying that always reduces me to helpless hysterics, so I think that’ll work.

In reality it’ll probably be something to do with breathing. I had a case of pneumonia as an infant and whooping cough as a teen that left me permanently susceptible to breathing problems. I am very careful to avoid flareups of bronchial asthma (and I run from a cold as if it were bubonic), but sooner or later I think that’ll get me. If not, I’d look for the time-honored stroke, a family favorite.

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I hope it will be a stroke. Or a TIA. My mother is ever so slowly succumbing to Parkinson’s and when she is aware of it she is deeply depressed. However, she is less and less often aware of it and more and more combative.

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FYI… if I’m not mistaken, you can’t die from a TIA.

Also, a stroke would be a shitty way to go. I’ve always said that I hope the heart attack comes soon and strong before the stroke gets a chance to get me. At least with a heart attack it’s either live or die. With the stroke it’s usually live but you’re all screwed up from it for the rest of your life.

I’d rather have a scar on my chest than look like a mutant.

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@Sakata – My grandmother did. She had a number of them and finally had one that lasted too long so she never woke up.

Ischemia means a lack of oxygen to body cells, so a TIA means that part of the brain isn’t getting enough blood to feed it oxygen. If the brain cells don’t get enough blood flow, eventually they’ll die. While technically this means the TIA has now turned into a stroke, since her TIAs were a result of sudden blood pressure drops and not clots her doctors said that the last TIA was the cause of her death.

My dad has a pacemaker to keep his blood pressure up so he won’t have TIAs.

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Probably by my own hand after recieving some nasty diagnosis. I refuse to be a helpless invalid. On alternate days I just want to join my wife in the grave anyway. Machts nicht. Maybe I’ll get lucky and die rescuing somebody, any honorable end like that would be ideal.

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I’m pretty sure that I’ll drop like a box of rocks. No warning, just one hugh heart blow up. When I’m in my late 60’s. Tha’t’s actually ok with me. No stroke, or cancer, please.

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