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Free html editor for mac?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) January 27th, 2009

What free html editors are there for mac? I mostly just want it for the code/preview feature – I dont want anything like dreamweaver.

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Hello, I went looking for one I couldn’t remember the name of and found a whole list.

As I am not qualified to discern I will let you. Hope it helps.

wenbert's avatar it is the free alternative to Dreamweaver. I have looked this up before and found that NVU is the closes Dreamweaver clone—and it is free.

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Hm thanks but did you misunderstand what I said above? I don’t want something like dreamweaver. I don’t mean for that to sound rude and I appreciate your answer :) I’m using text edit which is good enough. I used to use taco HTML and loved it but it’s not free anymore :(

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I think Smultron will fit your needs.

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Nvu has syntax highlighting and a preview feature, IIRC.

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Instead of a preview feature…you can just open a browser and refresh it.

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I <3 Textmate, but it doesn’t have the visual portion, for that also <3 Coda.
There’s always textedit and safari open next to each other in a window! :P

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