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What type of computer are they using CSI: Miami?

Asked by davoice (53points) October 2nd, 2007
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I was wondering that too! Can’t find anything on google and it reminded me of a futuristic cross between the MS Surface and Minority Report.

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I haven’t seen much of CSI: Miami, but if it’s unfamiliar, the interface is probably fictional, designed especially for the show, like ST:TNG’s LCARS. That said, CSI: Miami occasionally features inventive new technology products (example: the Lumio’s virtual laser keyboard).

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It’s called suface computing from Microsoft, not fictional, quite real…

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MS Surface –\surface is the technology they are displaying. It was directly mentioned in last nights episode as the “surface technology”

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Yeah, I’ve seen it featured in a show about the kitchens of tomorrow. It really does exist and really works. Matter of fact on that show they just put the flour down on the counter and it calculated the exact amount that was there. I so hope that these are not too far in the future. Wouldn’t you love to have one of those?

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