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How do you tie a toga made out of bedsheets?

Asked by cordovanessa (83points) January 27th, 2009

how do you tie it i have a full size sheet that i want to use but i dont know how to tie it

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“The basic, I have 2 minutes, poor mans toga:
There are a few different ways to make and tie a toga. Here we will illustrate the simple bed sheet toga. Materials needed: twin bed sheet (spot free) and four safety pins. ( 2 extra safety pins, for safety’s sake, mom would be proud).

FIRST: Hold sheet horizontal and wrap sheet around waste 1–2 times. (each person has a different sheet to body ratio you can figure this out).

SECOND: Safety pin where they meet.

THIRD: Take remaining sheet and go over either shoulder.

FOURTH: Bring back to waist and safety pin or just tuck it in.”

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What’s the formal definition of sheet to body ratio?

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@tk Who knows with this person. Note the spelling of waist and lack of apostrophe in poor man’s toga.

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This is the way I always did it in college: Use a twin bed flat sheet for a short toga, or a double bed flat sheet for a longer toga. You are going to wrap the long edge of the sheet around your body. Bunch up at tail of sheet at one corner, about 10–12 inches long. Hold this bunched tail at one shoulder, and wrap the sheet around yourself. You should cross over your chest twice, finishing at the same back shoulder. Bunch up a second tail and tie to the front tail in a flat knot. The length of the tail is how you can increase or decrease the fit of the toga. If it’s too loose, make the tail longer.

A wreath of silk ivy spray painted gold makes a nice touch, as does a gold belt.

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