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Mommy's, when your kids are sick, who do they want to be or cuddle with?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) January 27th, 2009 from iPhone

My 2 years and 4 months old son is sick right now, he has some temperature, some vomiting and he only wants to be with me, I’m pregnant and so tired! So I was just wondering if there’s a lot of moms that cuddles with their sick kids too.

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You really have much on your plate, Mom! To be pregnant with a four month and two year old is quite an undertaking. You know how important you are to your children—and how wonderful that you respond to their needs, even when you are so tired yourself. I think most mothers can relate to being needed when their children are sick. They just need us.

Keep up the good work!

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Well, I think I wrote the wrong way, I just have one baby boy, and e is 28 months old, not one 2 years old AND a 4 months old! But I’m pregnant with the second… She is a girl!

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Thanks for the clarification. Still, lots of work.

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Yep, when my girlies are sick they just want me. It’s part of being a mommy I guess :)

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One prefers the cat, the other prefers her gerbil. I’ve encouraged this because the animals won’t catch their viruses. When one is sick, noone else ever catches it.

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Having sick children is rough. Especially when you are tired. I’m sure they benefit from your extra attention right now even though it is hard on you. Try to get as much rest as you can.

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I can remember days when both were sick; we would all hit the bed. They wanted to cuddle, and that’s just what we would do. It was easier on them, and less tiring for me, and I wasn’t pregnant. Don’t be Wonder Woman. When they sleep, you do, too.

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I used to cuddle them, then I would catch their flu & everyone would soon be sick. Now I send them to cuddle their pets & I keep my distance.

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@2late2be: What an exhausting time! I was pregnant and also had a two year old…it’s tiring, especially when they’re sick. Great advice above, bring him to your bed or settle in on the couch; put some movies on and both of you can rest. He’s probably feeling a little needy because of the sickness and because of your divided attention to the upcoming addition. To this day, at 14 & 12 – my kids only want me when they’re feeling crummy. Good luck!

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When my young ones are sick, we set up an extra mattress on the floor in the living room and cuddle there. So much easier to be right there when needed. Since my husband is the one who works, we do it this way so he can get some sleep (my idea). Most young children seem to gravitate toward their mommies, it is difficult but it doesn’t last forever. I miss the days that my sons would cuddle (they are 14 & 16 now).

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I’ve been there, too. A two year-old sick, me pregnant and sick. Round up the last of your energy, put some FAB clean sheets on the bed and settle in with some vids and juice and doze…play the game where you draw shapes on his/her back and have him/her guess what you’re drawing. Take turns. Doze again. Read a book. Get up for graham crackers and more juice. Then back to sleep. This is easy-peasy compared to what comes when there’s three of you sick – which will seem like fluff once THAT passes, too.

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@tscoyk I feel your pain. Three of us sick with It’s coming out of both ends, and there’s only one bathroom!

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@jonsblond I love your comment about the mattress “my idea”. : ) And yes, the babies will cuddle with us and then all too soon it is gone. sigh

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Enjoy every moment, right!?!

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