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I just watched every episode of Arrested Development, now what?

Asked by simone54 (7595points) January 28th, 2009

Outstanding Show! I’ve previously watch all of Scrubs, The Office snd 30 Rock, What series should I watch now?

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My Name is Earl is good and it is a comedy.

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House and Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s has fantastic music as well as being a great show.

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Chuck! Flight of the Conchords!

Are you intent on watching a comedy show? If you’re into dramas, The Wire and Rome are also terrific. I also enjoyed Jericho.

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Boston Leagal

Denny Crane – Nuff said.

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Doctor Who!!

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Get a hobby?

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@Bri_L +1 for Denny Crane :). Though Alan Shore’s great too :)

Anyway, though a bit old I guess, That 70’s Show is hilarious (so are Scrubs and The Office US).

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Mourn for a bit, then watch The Riches or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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Wait for a few months, then watch it again. You’ll see foreshadowing and lots of interesting bits that you missed on the first time around. It really does get better when you watch it over and over!

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NCIS, ( I watch just to see Abby)

If you need to really fill your time watch M*A*S*H, the series lasted longer than the war

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I second @dynamicduo. There is no way that you got everything out of it in one viewing. Everywhere you look, there’s a new joke. Someone or something in the background is invariably funnier than the “main” action. ALSO, if you didn’t watch it in surround sound, there are actually MORE jokes that you can only hear in 5.1 surround. I know how ridiculous this is, but it’s true. I have nothing but respect for the unbelievable amount of effort that went into this show. I still believe that it’s the funniest sitcom ever.

Butttt….. if you need something else (that is funny and that was prematurely cancelled by Fox) to watch in the interim, check out Kitchen Confidential on Hulu. Hulu is where Fox sends all of its good shows that get cancelled, so dig around on there.

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Get pumped for the movie!! Yeeahhh!!

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I loved that series. I’m with jonsblond -Check out Larry Davids’ (creator of Sienfeld) series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ .. I also liked The Riches.

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I’ve asked myself the question many times… 3 to be exact. Every time I watch through all the seasons, I JUST WANT MORE!

Anyway, I have two responses from experience!

1. Go watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It’s pretty much the closest you’re going to get.

2. Await good news concerning the Arrested Development movie! From what I’ve heard, everyone’s in except Michael Cera (George Michael), and once he’s in, there’s no turning back!

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If you haven’t seen Curb Your Enthusiasm there are many, many episodes to occupy your time.

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I really just came here to say—Oh my god! Me too! You must have been on Hulu….

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@Vincentt – OH absolutely. His closings!?! I could watch a compilation of just those. He rocked!

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Seriously. Why is Michael Cera holding it back?! Well I guess it’s because he’s now a bit more popular and in other films, but come on dude, don’t turn your back on what made you a star!

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@DD: He says he has to see a script first which is moronic. They can’t really finish it unless they know if he’s in or not.

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Curl up in a ball and cry for a few hours then discover It’s Always Sunny.

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My Name is Earl is worst show I’ve ever seen.

Grey’s Anatomy is REALLY the worst show.

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My Name Is Earl does suck. Hard.

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Yay! Though I kinda expected it, what with the recession happening and all, it’s a guaranteed way to make a lot of bucks and make a lot of people a bit less sad, at least for a few hours :)

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Michael Cera signed on for the Arrested Development movie! Yay!!! :D

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The Office , great show and also the Arrested Development Movie is in the works so keep an eye out for that.

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