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anything fun to do in Cairo, Egypt?

Asked by telmeri (9points) October 2nd, 2007 from iPhone

any cool day or night activities?

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I’ve told myself if my family and I are in that area. Would love to ride a camel.

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There’s a ton to do in Cairo. Pyramids, obviously, and the museums. A day trip to Alexandria. A nice nighttime activity is to take a ride on one of the small boats on the Nile and look at the city.

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The whirling dervishes “perform” for free once or twice a week—that is a must-see. I was there ten years ago so I can’t remember where you can see them, but ask your local tourist info and they can point you in the right direction. The big markets are amazing if you haven’t had a chance to go to a middle-eastern bazaar before. Eat a lot of Kasherie (Cashery? I have no idea how to spell it) which is the very cheap street food, and delicious—lentils and rice and tomatoes and fried onions and macaroni noodles! An odd combination and very yummy. A final tip: don’t spend too much time in the tourist traps that try to sell perfumes and art on papyrus leaves. If you do feel the urge to buy papyrus, don’t get duped into buying the cheap fakes. If you can crumble it like a tissue and it uncrumbles without wrinkles, it’s real. If it creases and cracks, it’s made from banana leaves and won’t last for very long.

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