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Will Tom Brady ever be the same?

Asked by emt333 (789points) January 28th, 2009

or will he spend the rest of his days on the beach in cabo being handfed grapes by giselle?

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He’s had his 15 minutes. Let him enjoy Giselle.

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No. Marriage to a European supermodel is bound to have a lasting impact on his life.

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15 minutes? He’s gone from a 6th round draft pick to a household name, won 3 championships and is going to be in the Hall of Fame…

Are you referring to his knee or his marriage bringing an end to his career? I’m so confused…

He was never really a physical force to begin with, there’s no reason to think he won’t be a top quarterback next year with the team he has around him.

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@funkdaddy “15 minutes”, just an expression. Maybe not the most appropriate one to use. I would be offended if someone used it on my beloved John Elway. Being a Bronco fan for 20+ years, and seeing them go down to the Patriots many times, I’d prefer Brady stayed on the beach. Just my personal opinion.

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he will be back playing football. are you kidding me? Dude has it made. until Bernard Pollard comes calling again.

It will take prolly till December until he is tom brady of old days. Sure you can play after a year after the surgery but he will still favor it every time it gets hit.

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I probably came off more offended there than intended, I’m sorry if that came of snappy… I’m no huge fan, the guy is just everywhere even without doing many commercials

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@funkdaddy It’s all good. We fans can take it a bit seriously, can’t we! :)

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Be the same, no i fell that he will change in some ways for the good, and the bad. I feel he will be to afraid to run anymore, even though he is a pocket passer, he will not have as many throws outside the pocket as he used to. This said, being in the pocket even more will make him rely on his o-line, which means pressure is on them. They will improve on the run game for this. So, there are pros and cons.

Go PATS!!!!

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