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Would you go on a FTL trip to another part of the universe?

Asked by DrBill (16066points) January 28th, 2009

If offered the opportunity for a SOT (FTL) trip to anywhere in the known universe, knowing that when you got back, everyone you know would have died of old age, Would you still go, and where?

Assume you will have a compatible atmosphere.

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No. I wouldn’t trade who I have for an experience like that, for anything.

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No, but I would come.
Wait…that didn’t come out right.

And yeah, I might. Can we go to Pleiades?

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I’ll never even come close to seeing all the amazing stuff on this planet plus, I know for a fact that there’s coffee and chocolate here.

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Earlier in my life, no. At this point in my life, why not? Everyone you know dies off eventually anyway.

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I’m holding out for the TARDIS so that i can come back and tell my peeps after visiting the universe.

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Without a second’s hesitation, but only when I felt my life on Earth was relatively complete. Such as right now, I wouldn’t want to go. But when my parents die, I would likely want to go, as long as my partner can come with me.

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You know, I think I would! I’d want to see somewhere else. I like travel anyway. I would love to go on a ship and experience the process of it all.

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Nope. Unless I was going there to die. I wouldn’t want to come back to a world devoid of the people I love.

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I most certainly would, even though I still haven’t figured out what SOT or FTL stand for. Would they be other people with me on the way? Would there be people at the other planet or would it be an exploration journey?

In any case, I’d generally like to go, even though of course I’d hate to come back to an unrecognisable planet.

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SOT = Speed of thought
you just think about where you want to go, and you are instantly transported there.

FTL = Faster than Light
Theory of relativity proposes that when you travel faster than the speed of light, you travel backwards in time, while everyone else ages normally.

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Not too long ago, this was a real choice. Back when adventurers were discovering islands in the Pacific, or even North American, there was no certainty they would come back. They were saying good bye to their families, perhaps forever.

All I know is that I’m not that adventuresome. I don’t need to be the first to discover something. I’ll wait until someone else has done it first, and then I’ll do it. I’m more of an early adopter type. I’ve tried being first, and it doesn’t work.

Now, if you are assuming SOT or FTL, you might as well assume time travel, too. So you could go on a trip to somewhere in the rest of the universe and come back in the same era as you left.

Of course, there is time travel—of a sort. If you have kids, and friends that you see only occasionally, you are familiar with the phrase, “how much you’ve grown!” Time has dilated for these people. They are expecting someone who is only a little bit older than when they last saw your kid, but what they get is someone vastly older.

The same thing happens for adults when you go back to a reunion for college or high school, and you find that, suddenly, everyone has turned gray.

So, would I go on an adventure, knowing there was a high probability of not returning? Nope.

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Everyday you wake up…not knowing a thing about your future, really. There are no guarantees that even if you stayed on earth that your life would not be impacted with the loss of those you love. I always wanted to be an astronaut, anyway….so , yes….yes….yes. Besides, my belief is that you would travel, be away for ten years, return to earth and only a few minutes would have transpired. You would be home in time for supper.

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what is a FTL trip?

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@kewlguy_exABuser FTL= “faster than light”

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