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How was this food demonstration done?

Asked by laserfool3 (1points) January 28th, 2009

I saw a food demonstration involving the lighting up a light bulb.
First the light bulb was plugged into an outlet. Another lead was placed into water. Nothing happened. Then this same lead was placed into Coca Cola and the light bulb lit dimly. Finally the lead was placed into a berry juice called MonaVie and the bulb glowed brilliantly.
The device may use an optical coupler between the 110 volt bulb and the test lead(its analog). The test lead may measure ions or conductivity of the beverages. Not sure

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To be honest from your description it sounds very much like a sales scam to try and convince you that monavie is really good for you and to justify the rediculous cost of a glass of juice.

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My chemistry teacher did something very similar as a demonstration in class onceā€¦

What’s going on is that water is neutral in acidity, it can be both an acid and a base, but in the case of carrying electrons for electricity it is not very good. Coca Cola’s acidity ranges from about 3–5 (anything below 7 is acidic). When electricity passes through it, the H+ ions that make it acidic, cary the electric charge. This MonaVie must be like Hydrochloric acid or something to burn so much more brilliantly than the Coke, but this is the general idea behind what you saw.

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