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Not too reserved. If I think the question is smart or pretty good I’ll give it my lurve.

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I’m not. I do sometimes forget until I am down in the answers and someone mentions it.

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What the hell is reservering?

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@asmont A typo.

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I like to give credit where credit is due

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@asmonet- That’s where you sever something that had been previously severed but later reattached.

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@Marina: :’(

@AstroChuck: You win. :)

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I’m like Marina; I often forget about GQing in my excitement about getting my answer down, but I really do like to reward the kinds of Qs that I’d like to see more of. Questions are the lifeblood of Fluther; if the Q stream dries up or goes stale, Fluther tanks.

I’d even rather see GQs get more than the 3 points they currently fetch. A great one is quite hard to come by.

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I rarely GQ anyone, unless I think the question truly is great. Just like I rarely add people to my Fluther, unless I really like them. :)

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@Harp: I agree, I sometimes wish GAs and GQs lurve was reversed because of the difficulty involved. It’s hard after this long to come up with an honest, thought provoking or interesting question. But The answers are what keeps this site going, more time goes into them, more effort, more research so I always end up liking it how it is. Then a few weeks later…lather, rinse, repeat.

@mangeons: I just added you! :)

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@asmonet You were one of the first I added, ‘mo! Cuz you’re SUPA COOL.

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@asmonet We’re the only two here, why are we talking like this? xD

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I don’t know, but we should stop. The mods already shook their virtual finger at me today. :)

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It’s not something that’s ever-present in my mind…I pretty much have to exclaim (even if it’s just in my head), “damn, that’s a great question…” if that happens, I hit the GQ, otherwise I just answer it or don’t.

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I’m much more generous in giving GAs, I give them all the time.

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I usually ask tech questions, so I give GQs to most all of the answers because I’m only looking for suggestions. If I ask how to delete something and they say “It’s awesome why would you want to do that?” then I give nothing lol.

If I arrive late to a Q and someone’s answer has already been given 3 or 4, I feel pressured to also give a GQ. I feel that there’s obviously some reason why four people thought it was great, and I should get it on that appreciation as well.

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Not at all. If I get maxed on someone, big deal. I still GA it because it will still matter. And everyone seeing the page will see “Hey, that is a good answer!” And lurve it themselves, and that is considered the lurve I owe him I guess…

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I agree with 90s kid. I think many flutherers over think things. I think that GQs & GAs are the real prize, more so than lurve points.

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@AstroChuck. Here’s to a great answer!

I’ve given you all the lurve I can give

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My lurve tank never runs dry. I may not give a GA vote to every response but I do spread my lurve around very liberally and anyone who submits an answer on Fluther already gets my appreciation because I seriously enjoy reading all the unique and dintinct anwers given by such a diverse group of people. With that much inviting material floating around, how could you possibly be stingy with lurve?

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I ask because I usually give GQs to any question I found interesting, whether I learned the question or not, a sort of hey I’d like to know that too or cool!

The reason I ask is recent I’ve asked some questions that I thought were worthy of GQs and I’ve answered questions I thought were GQs too (that many had already answered, but not recognized) so I try to give my lurve more generously.

Also questions that spark great discussion I often give my lurve (even if half the discussion is on a typo! :P).

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Yes some are resevered I’m so sure of it
Why-Is the Q.

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I’m very generous with the GAs, less so with the GQs. The question has to be really good for it to even occur to me to give it a GQ.

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I hardly give GQs compared to GAs.

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I GA more than GQ. I have to really like the question to GQ it AND it can’t be one of those with so many follow ups within the question (I counted 15 in one!) to get a GQ.

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I’m with dalepetrie, augustlan, and cak on this one.

In general I am pretty liberal with lurve (no reason not to be), but I don’t just dispense it profligately. I try to keep it meaningful.

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I give GAs when it makes me laugh or think. Or think about laughing. I never knew about GQs, but now I’ll have to consider GQing the GQs from now on, and then pout when no one GQs my Qs. I wouldn’t really pout, it doesn’t go well with my asshole attitude.

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I don’t give many GQs – usually the clever ones that really make you think, or are quite original, strike me and I have to GQ them.. Otherwise I just forget you even can!

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It’s only three lurves…

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all you need is lurve :)

if it makes me laugh or makes me think, ill spred the lurve

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Since lurve is free a point everywhere is the same as no point at all. I give them out to every question I answer, and to most of the answers under it. I am a lurve fairy, and I pass them out like candy.

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@YARNLADY I am now picturing you with wings. :)

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Very, I hand them out with extreme prejudice, seeing you have only 100 to give a Fluther lifetime, one would have a better chance of me giving them a C-note than a GQ.

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@Hypocrisy_Central What? I think the 100 limit is per person you give them too, not 100 for you to give out

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