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Do you know who designed this jacket?

Asked by asmonet (21345points) January 28th, 2009

Maybe, NSFW.

Okay, this is just broken. I’m dying to know what moron designed this and didn’t notice or what genius made this as part of an evil plan against male models.

I mean, c’mon! He’s smoking inside, the jacket, the huge sacky crotch cod piece thing…everything is wrong here.

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Considering it showed up on the internet in 2006, it’s old news now.
But, that being said, this is wrong on so many levels. The way it points kind of says, “look, I’m a d^@k”.
Thanks for digging this one up.

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You’ve got an awesome memory if you can remember when an image on the internet first showed up, or do you have a source? ;)

I gotta know the story behind this thing. ;P

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Duh, the designer’s portrait is there on the front of the jacket for chrisakes!

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@Hap: Heehee! Nice.

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@asmonet ;
My first real LOL fot trhe day! Thanks!

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Haha, you’re very welcome. :)

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@Harp: You’re awesome. That is all.

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Man, that’s a completely broken situation by the purest definition of the word. The only thing left to happen is for a large sea-faring mammal crash into the whole lot, snuffing out the possibility of any of those genes perpetuating into future generations—we have to think of the children.

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@asmonet I found an the image on one of those “celebrity” websites and it had a date of 2006.
My memory is pretty good, but not that good!

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{slowly raises his hand}

Guilty as charged.

i was feeling a little cocky that day

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Well, from my angle, that looks like a goll durn penis on his god dam jacket. And from my recollection, god dam it, God designed the god dam penis and so therefore he designed the jacket too. What are you, a ninniny? Plus, the penis made is debut in the Gardun of Fn’ Ed’en way back in BS (before sin) and then old Adam decided he needed a penis coat and the only way to get one is if Eve pulled an apple off of the tree to sell which she did and Adam got his penis coat which has now been shortened to P Coat.

If you need any other answers to tough questions just PM me, fer the crissakes.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous: Haha, I lurve you. So much.

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that was s light bit of drunk fluthering at it’s best

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