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Is it worthwhile to recycle an old muti-purpose inkjet printer/scanner? Or just put it to the curb with the rest of the trash?

Asked by robmandu (21306points) October 2nd, 2007

Even better, is there any money to be had trying to sell it in its current, less than ideal condition?

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I would definitely recommend that you try to sell the item on craigslist or ebay, if its in working condition. If you can’t get the price you want for it, at least consider donating it to your local school or charity. These are much better alternatives than throwing it out where it can cause more harm to the environment, unless you recycle it at a place that handles electronics. Just don’t put in the trash.


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I would look into donating it to a local school or see if your county holds a electronic recycling day.

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Depending where you live, its actually illegal to put it in the trash. It is in SF at least. Not that that stops anyone…...

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If you live in a city I’m sure you could put it on the curb and someone who wanted it would take it in no time. Regardless, it’s probably easier to give this away than to recycle it, and probably better for the environment (reduce,reuse,recycle)

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