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Do you collect anything? If so what?

Asked by dirtydevil521 (126points) January 28th, 2009
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I used to collect rubber ducks. Yeah, I was really cool.

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I collect movies I have over 2300 vhs, dvds, blueray discs,

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Fluther avatars.

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I collect quotes.

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Antique baby cups, old educational books, chairs (both full-size and miniatures), the letter ‘N’, metal birds, and lurve :)

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I collect posters, band tee-shirts, and anything to do with skateboarding.

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Dust. I collect dust.

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Baseball memorabilia, much of it obscure. Also, I collect various articles from Ancient Rome.

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Freeware programs.

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Oh, and debt!

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Do my old credit card receipts count? I have every one I’ve gotten for the past 5 or 6 years. I really don’t know why I keep these, so don’t ask.

Other than that, I guess you could say I collect pets/animals, funny t-shirts with weird sayings (my favorite is an ear of corn that on the front says “Official Indiana Mascot”, then on the back has “Freshly Shucked” across the shoulders – my best Goodwill find ever), and dried flower petals.

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i collect hospital bands and masks. also movie and theatre tickets.

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Coffee mugs and sweatshirts

think I might have asked this question yesterday ;)

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salt and pepper shakers…not sure how this started but I’ve got about 60 sets now for almost any occasion!

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I have become more and more dusultory about it, but I have a collection of boxes and one of armadillos.

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Musical instruments, Gig posters, Concert T-shirts, CDs (still the occasional album), books, a small collection of shot glasses, and trails that I’ve hiked. I’m probably forgetting something.

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evergreen and Christmas trees

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Oh yeah, Santa Clauses (is that a word?), snowmen, and Christmas ornaments from our travels.

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i collect awesome memories

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orca whale stuffed animals and figurines.

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Old cameras, old books, books in general (more like a bibliomania-type hoarding than actual collecting on that one), and heirloom seeds.

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Thoughts, quotes, ways of life, morals, software, lurve, and recipes!

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Leaded glass windows.

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Dog bite scars.

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Social Security.

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@petethepothead: So I take it you’re not talking about tomato seeds?

@Sueanne_Tremendous: So, not stained glass but beveled glass? Designs in clear glass?

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@syz Thank you. I’m glad someone noticed.

I feel validated now :)

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Coins, science fiction books, beach stones, crafts, 1970’s era European toilet paper (sort of hard to add to that collection now).

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