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What conspiracy do you buy into?

Asked by Blondesjon (33994points) January 28th, 2009 from iPhone

Everybody has one. At least one they buy into just a little bit.

freemasons control the world banks

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Paul is dead.

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I don’t believe that global conspiracies are even possible.

Look out! I’m part of the conspiracy!

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None, sorry. :)

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Fluther is a front for the CIA. Otherwise, none.

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The conspiracy that man landed on the moon.

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That this is all there is and there’s nothing else.

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Most of them most of the time, but not before 8 or 9 months ago. Generally, they just make more sense than the prevailing conjecture. Also, they may or may not be accurate to the letter, but the spirit can be correct enough (e.g. not quite buying into the idea of heirarchy-obsessed Reptilians trying to run the planet, but psychopaths and elitists for sure).

Also, I’ve done an obsessive amount of reading on the subject.

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That the body is in the frizzer.

That’s my position and I am sticking to it.

So what if there was no “frizzer” involved?

So what if the body has actually since been found elsewhere.

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@Marina Wasn’t the body under the pool?

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That the Trojan condom company is trying to take over the world by clandestinely selling faulty condoms to stupid people who will then breed and take over the world.

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Population Control.

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Life’s too short and everyone’s too busy to spend time on conspiracy theories.

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The grassy knoll.

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@chyna That’s a competing theory.

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@jessturtle23 – Yep, me too. Oswald was a patsy, as was Sirhan. And Marilyn didn’t commit suicide.

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Hm I think the explanation for the kennedy assasination has always been lacking. And also I think the goverment knows more about UFO’s than they are leading on, either super secret goverment projects or actual aliens I dunno. The CIA is also involved in all kinds of shady stuff that they wont fess up to, most notably project MK-ULTRA

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The food industry and the phamaceutical industry are in cahoots.

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Just kidding by the way.

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Here’s an interesting article on the topic of how conspiracy theories evolve. It’s more about the phenomenon than proving any one theory right or wrong.

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Zero. I have better things to do than entertain the paranoid thoughts of others.

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I think Ken Lay is still alive and sipping tea in a villa next to Osama Bin Laden somewhere in Dubai. Did you ever see a body?

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I think there is something in the Rothschild thing

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