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Do you get any validation from Fluther?

Asked by Blondesjon (33658points) January 28th, 2009 from iPhone

Well…do you?

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That I’m not the only insane fucker out there.

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I feel good when someone GA’s me, or when someone agrees with me. It reminds me that I’m not totally stupid.

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Hell, yes. I wish real life was like fluther.

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@AC Fluther is way better than reality!

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Yes, it constantly reminds me that I’m not the only person who thinks like I do. Knowing that other people share my views proves to me that I’m not so insane or different from everyone else. It’s kind of a nice feeling.

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Of course!

Whenever someone thanks me for an answer, I feel great for having been able to help.

I love the smart, witty, caring people on Fluther.

I do not find it better than real life, but a real life nonetheless.

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Validation for what? I’m going to go with no. Just because someone agrees with me doesn’t prove validity.

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Party pooper.

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Alright, well maybe it doesn’t prove that I’m not insane, but it does prove that I’m not all that different than I think I am.

But really it depends on your definition of “validity.” Validity as in correctness or genuineness?

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fluther, you complete me…you had me at ”+1 for visiting two days in a row!”

plus, it promises to increase the size of a certain part of the male anatomy. now my over done-up cougar wife finds me attractive again! w00p!

fluther, you’ve done it again!

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i love arguing, so yes

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@eponymoushipster…Methinks thou doth protest too much.

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Short answer: Yes
Longer Answer: These conversations don’t provide me with any more validity than ones I have in real life. But to some extent, any time someone agrees with you or wants to help you or shares your point of view, it is a validation of your character. I hope most of the people here get that validation outside of the internet too because most are quality people.

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I might, but I still have to pay for parking when I leave here.

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@Blondesjon nonono.fluther hits me cuz she luvres me! i deserved it.

but seriously, it makes your wang look huge.

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Sure, to a point, it does provide some validation. It’s really nice to have someone agree with you or even to share the same opinion, every now and then. It doesn’t make or break me if no one agrees or shares the opinion, but heck yeah – there is a good feeling when it happens.

I will say that I don’t lose any sleep if my lurve count remains the same. That is where I could really care less.

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Fluther knows my name.~

Fluther never tells about my bad hair, clothes, etc. days.~

Fluther likes me best.~

I mean, what more (other than eponymoushipster’s twisted desires) could one want?~

C’mon, tinyfaerie, you get something out of it or why come back?~

Notation provided for the humor-challenged.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous…Lurve from the Catskills.

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It’s cozy and chatty here. I can dig it. Getting GAs is a nice bonus.

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Hint, hint.

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@aprilsimnel that’s my motto about cocktail bars and 20 yr olds.

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I want to say yes but I can’t really say why.

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@eponymoushipster & @AstroChuck – Hahahaha! But it is! I was there for the big meltdown in Aught Three of Fametracker! Believe me, the ugly that came out of that little freakshow was something to see.

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No! Absolutely not! No!No!No!
Ok, yes.

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I get a woody when I am on Fluther because it excites me so. Would that be a form of validation?

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I get amusement not validation, and I appreciate amusement much more.

@ac psftt! (raspberry)

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Fluther is my BFFL.

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Of course. It is like the validation you get in the ‘real’ world, but there are so many more opportunities to receive it here.

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not really, it is more useful when I get corrected by people who have a better memory than me.

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Of a sort, yes. I like seeing whether I actually communicated my point of view or not. It doesn’t really matter to me whether people like what I’m saying or like me or like the choices I’ve made in my life. But I do like it when people get what I’m writing.

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Some validation, but nothing that’s really important to my life in any way.

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I get validation that I’ve understood things well when I get a private message from someone telling me I hit the nail on the head. GAs also make me feel good.

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my opinion matters…even to those people who don’t like my opinion…

GAs make me feel lurved by strangers
GQs make me feel respected by strangers
Private Comments make me feel excited by strangers

and I’m addicted to something that doesn’t make me put on weight

what can be better than this?

Fluther COMPLETES me :-)

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I’m a day late, but I just had to share… the best short film I’ve EVER seen holds this title:

Validation. (16:23, and worth it. Very inspiring.)

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@Trustinglife Very Nice! Thank you x

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@Blondesjon There are a few “regulars” yourself included that make me feel good just by commenting on my threads.

When a newbie likes/dislikes or just plain comments on my questions, I like to welcome them and make them feel at home, just as was done for me a few months or so ago.

All in all, I give shit but I can take it.
I comment either brutally honestly, or just silly and jokingly.

But when someone takes the time to comment – I feel humbled and honoured they’d take the time for me, or that I have inspired a thought or memory in them.

So many brilliant jellies; so many interesting questions to choose from. When one of mine is chosen – it’s a priviledge and an honour.

Hell yeah, when someone chats with me here I feel validated.

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