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What does it mean when the "emissions light" comes on?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) January 28th, 2009 from iPhone

the emissions light came on in my brothers car. it’s a 2000 cougar. is this usually serious or a small problem. any help is good for me. thanks!

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Crack the window and lay off the Budweiser.

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Several things – it could be the oxygen sensor, a gas cap not on tight enough (certain models/yrs), leak in the EVAP system – any number of things. (according to my mechanic husband)

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@Blondesjon…funny! :)

@futurelaker88 – Blondesjon made a funny! (gas joke)

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i thought that’s what she meant to do but it didn’t work because i said “light.” i said emissions light. if i had said there was something wrong with the emissions, it wouldve made sense, but i said the light came on so the joke was weak. lol. and thanks for the answer. he just bought the car yesterday and spent literally ALL his money. so were praying it’s nothing too bad

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UNLESS…she meant the light came on because of his emissions. than it makes sense i guess lol sorry, i ruined it i know

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I thought the joke was funny…just me, I guess!

Oxygen sensor isn’t really expensive – some of those things really aren’t expensive. Tell him to go to an Auto Zone (if you guys have them near you) possibly Pep Boys or Napa and have them check the code. They might be able to narrow it down. They might even be able to clear the code. Certain sensors aren’t expensive to replace – you’ll pay more going to a mechanic and it’s something they might be able to help you with – or your brother – sorry, it’s getting late!

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@Blondesjon – I luved you, too! ;)

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@futurelaker88….lol….I do that to (ruin a joke) then get it…and laugh!

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@cak that’s exactly what i did lol

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If it is running ok and there is no drop in gas mileage I would not worry about it. Brother in law has driven his ford pickup for 7 years with the light on, still runs.

It will probably have to be checked and the problem repaired before it will pass emissions testing if you have that.

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Check the headlight fluid.

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