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Looking for true stories of isolated people experiencing western society for the first time?

Asked by swingliner (245points) January 28th, 2009

Looking for links to true stories about isolated (or nearly isolated) people – perhaps from an uncontacted tribe or completely indigenous culture – who experience western society for the first time. Links are preferred.

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Well, sorry no link, but of course you’ve looked into “Ishi in Two Worlds”, right?

There’s a new book out also about a young woman who was taken from Congo? I imagine? and displayed in Europe as an example of a physiological oddity known as
steatopygia, big butt.

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This is a little different than what you asked for, but all I could think of was wolf children

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@susanc what you are talking about is the Hottentot Venus. She was displayed around Europe, in “freak shows, in I believe the 18th century, I didn’t read the wiki article as I learned about this in my Women in Art History class, as an oddity of what “black” women looked like.

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There was an interesting story a few years back in Australia when a couple of elderly Aboriginals walked out of the desert into civilization? for the first time.
A book was written, and I’m pretty sure the title was The Last of the Nomads. It was also filmed as a documentary on Australian TV. very interesting too, I think the main people were a couple who had a mixed tribal marriage and had to hide from their tribes and only were forced to come out of the desert when they were seriously ill and malnourished.
Just hunted out my copy of the book, ” Last of the Nomads ” is the title, author is W.J. PEASLEY. It was published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press here in Western Australia. First published 1983 re-published 1990

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Awesome. I will look into all of these, thanks guys!

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A “wolf child” story from the 19th century is “The Wild Child of Aveyron”. Forget the author but it is by a docotr and is the true story of a boy raised in the wild witout language and his exposure to French civilization. It was also made into a movie in the 1960s or 1970s.

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@madcapper, yep, that’s the one. Poor soul.

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@susanc yes it was very sad true story…

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I have stayed in Nevada for a month, but other than that, I have not been to the west. I am your story.

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