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What is the best case for the iPod touch?

Asked by leddy (2points) October 2nd, 2007
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iPhone Protective Cover by incase. Do a search on Google first, as there are some contrary opinions. I have had no issues with scratching yet, however it has stretched a very little bit. It is still snug.

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The iPod Touch is considerably thinner than the iPhone, so iPhone cases will not necessarily be the best option, unless you are looking at a holster or pouch style.

As with the iPhone, Apple did not provide accesories manufacturers access to the actual device, so there will be a delay in availability. The best cases for the iPhone are the iSkin and Vaja—I would check those websites frequently for information on upcoming cases for the Touch.

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I second Vaja Cases!.

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encase-i use it for my iphone! thin but durable!

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Louis Vuitton has a great one.

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I have an Otterbox case. The touch is completely functional while in it. It has a built in screen protector, hard case and silicone skin covering the hard case. It is splash proof and it also has dust protection plugs and it protects it if dropped.

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well, i just got my ipod touch for christmas. It is very good. However i belive that apple could have made it even better. For example the ephemeral battery.However the functions that are with are excellent and i would recommend getting it. But i wouldnt spend all your money i would say get the 8GB.

And today I’ve found my cool ipod touch cases online occasionally!This Blue heart pattern and handy design makes my ipod touch be much more attractive for . This unique case gives my iPod Touch a great look and style.And it is supposed to give your ipod Touch protection from scratches and minor drops.Dust resistant and keep dust from absorbing on the iPod Touch protector case for much static charge.Aha,Perfect collocation,Does it?IMO, it is a great accessories for ipod touch owner to have. And you can find more absorbing iphone cases here:
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