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How do I set up my Xbox 360 to the internet?

Asked by freerangemonkey (353points) October 2nd, 2007

I have had the 360 for over a year now and it is still not hooked up to the internet. I just got Halo 3, and I want to get online. Here’s the catch…

1. I have a three story townhome. It is pre-wired for networking and has Cat-5 jacks in every room, including right next to the Xbox, which is on the middle floor. The home-run panel is on the bottom floor.

2. I have Comcast high speed internet, meaning it comes in to the house in the cables lines. My computer is on the top floor, connected to the cable modem and wireless router.

3. I bought the wireless antenna for the Xbox, but after several vain attempts to connect to the internet wirelessly, including several with the assistance of the MS Xbox support team, I have given up on this. My wireless router is not supported.

4. I want to hook up the Xbox to the cat-5 jack next to it.

1. Do I need to add a router in the home run panel on the bottom level to direct the traffic from the Xbox on the middle level to the cable modem on the top level?

2. Or should I be able to do this all without having to add a router?

3. Can I use the wireless router upstairs (without moving it downstairs) to link the jacks?

4. If I need a router downstairs, what kind should I get and how do I hook it up?

5. Am I complete tard for asking this many questions?


Top Level:
Cable Modem (Comcast)
Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router

Middle Level:
Xbox 360

Lower Level:
Network home run panel


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Hi freerange! We did something (sort of) simillar in the old condo I was living at. You shouldn’t need another router.

Here’s what you need to do: I’m assuming that your wireless router has ports for cat5 (and isn’t solely a wireless transmitter, if so, you’ll need to get a new router regardlesss), and that your “Network home run panel” is the “hub” that connects to each room.

Run an ethernet cable from your router on the top level to the cat-5 in the wall. Next run a very small ethernet cable from the “top level” cat-5 port in the panel to the “middle level” cat-5 port in the panel. Finally, run an ethernet cable from your middle level to your xbox.

If your port aren’t marked, you can always try connecting your modem directly into the top level cat-5 port and your router into the mystery port in the bottom level and see when the light turns on. Happy gaming!

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it worked! thanks for your help! so far, fluther rocks :)

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