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What do you do when you pass a mirror? Why?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) January 29th, 2009

I tend to not notice mirrors unless I am looking for one. If I am looking for one, it’s usually so I can shave without drawing too much blood, or because I have some injury I need to check out, or because I’m combing my hair. Usually I use the mirror in the morning, and then, even though there are plenty of mirrors around, I just don’t see them. It’s as if they were invisible to me.

Sometimes I think this is because I am <ahem> above narcissistic things. Other times I think it’s because I am ashamed of the way I look. I suppose that means that if I were narcissistic, I would be very disappointed in myself.

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I see vanity when I look in the mirror I find humility when I look at my shoes.

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I take a quick look, but rarely do I ever actually change anything other than fixing my hair. Seeing as I don’t wear makeup, there’s that burden eliminated.

I touch mirrors. I make it a habit to touch every single mirror I see (usually with my sleeve so as to not get any fingerprints or oils on it). This is because mirrors make it easier to perform lucid dreams. In a dream, often when you touch a mirror, your hand will go into the mirror and into another dream world. So by making it a habit in real life, I make it a habit in my dreams, and the minute my hand goes through the mirror I know I’m in a dream, and thus in lucid dream world!

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In the first place, I’m going to say that you have NO reason to be ashamed of the way you look! Stop saying that!

I must admit that I look in a mirror when I walk past one. It isn’t because I think I’m good looking, that’s for sure! But I just want to make sure my hair & make-up are okay.

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It’s funny, I don’t see a reflection. Could that mean something?

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I am guilty of looking in every mirror i pass. Its there for a reason right? :)

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ill admit it i check myself out from time to time

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If I notice the mirror, I check out my hair and makeup. This is because I am a girlie girl.
I do not actively seek out all mirrors, so I don’t think it’s vain.

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I will always look at myself in a mirror when I pass one – and I think, “you are much bigger than you think you are.”

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I check out my ass.

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I pretend to be a narcissist and I fail miserably.

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I try not to look. I am not very pretty.

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@jessturtle23 Oddly, I too check out your ass.

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I check myself out. :D

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Nothing. I don’t really notice.

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I sometimes will check out myself at the mirror whenever i encounter one. I tend to it but I am afraid of being labelled as vein ( i hate ppl calling me names btw ). It helps me to boast my confidence whenver i see myself in the mirror. If there’s something that isnt pleasant about me at that time, at least i could adjust it ex. messy hair. At least i notice it before someone else does it .

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I look in it. Natural response for me. It’s called vanity. Also insecurity. About 75/25 ratio. Sometimes I get shocked repulsed, sometimes I am relieved, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised.

It’s always different every time! A new experience. A new day happy music playing

Hey, good answer mea05key. And nice avatar.

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You guys are crazy. I pump the guns when I pass a mirror.

I strike a pose to make sure Hulk Colgan doesn’t have one up on me.

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I frown – I think – why do I look so much older than I feel?

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FYI @bodyhead its HOGAN :)

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when i pass a mirror or even just go to the bathroom, i do look at myself. i cannot think of a time that i never just “passed” up a mirror. i’m either checking out how i look when i walk past it or look directly in it or strike a side profile—right side, for some reason.

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Thanks. I never was a wrestling buff. I just like making the muscle man pose.

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@bodyhead i just know it from the reality show :)

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…wonder who that fat guy is and why won’t it reflect my own image anymore.

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I only look in a mirror once a day in the morning(fix hair/shave) then I ignore any I pass all day,I do not recognized the face looking back, it’s weird and creepy

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I mainly look in the mirror when I do my morning ablutions, really. Once the clothes are properly arranged, hair’s combed, teeth brushed and moisturizer applied, I’m done, unless I know something’s wrong. Or unless I’m at a gym, and it’s for similar reasons when I’m there, too.

I don’t go out of my way to find a mirror.

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I watch myself gavotte.

I’m so vain, I think this question is about me.

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I turn and quickly walk away in the opposite direction, invoking the sign of the evil eye. I then spin, counter-clockwise, thrice, blinking rapidly (alternating eyes) and snapping my fingers (in unison).

Why? I ain’t lettin’ my goddamn mirror self steal my soul.

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@Blondesjon: Lurve brother. I avoid looking in the mirror at night in the dark…don’t want to see a scary creature staring back at me sometimes it happens anyways

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i stop and look and usually make a :/ face haha
honestly i’m just looking because i feel self conscious, but i do tend to look in every mirror. even if it’s just for a second.
i get really scared at night when i’m home though, and i try not to look.

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I mostly don’t even notice they are there. I only look in a mirror if I have a reason to do so. I don’t even need to use one to fix my hair (ponytail FTW!)

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This may sound incredibly vain,
but I can spend quite some time just staring at my reflection.
Not because I am transfixed by how amazing I look.~
But because it’s the only chance I have to fully scrutinize
a human face up close for an extended period of time
without the usual social awkwardness and fidgeting.

I find the human body fascinating and the face is no exception.
Strangely enough, the over familiarity can begin to deconstruct it.
After a certain point, it’s no longer about looking at my reflection.
Rather, it merely becomes a means to understand the face.

Catching a quick glimpse of myself is entirely different.
The recognition of self is immediate. If not some reminder of my mother or sisters.
But I’ve always found it peculiar to think that people
have this corporeal association with my personality.
Most of the time, I look at my own reflection and think
That’s me. How matter-of-factly peculiar.

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@NimisBeautifully put.

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I do my impression of Al Jolson singing “Mamie”. You can’t imagine the looks I get in the barber’s and in the men’s room. Especially when I’m in blackface and accompanied by the band.

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Good to see you, Mr_M. I was just asking about your last night!

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I check my posture. I’m way tall (6’4”) so tend to slouch a lot (I swear everything is made for all you <6’0” midgets – sometimes I wonder if I’d be better off doing the dishes on my knees rather than my feet!) I also make sure my hair is still pulled tight (real men have ponytails!) If I’m confident both are ok I avoid mirrors like the plague.

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I look the other way intentionally. I don’t need to be reminded of my ugliness.

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