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Who is your fluther twin?

Asked by elijah (8642points) January 29th, 2009 from iPhone

Do you find yourself always agreeing with anyone? Do you sometimes go to answer a question and find that person said exactly what you were going to? Do you feel, based on this person’s answers, that you think/act very similar? I don’t mean someone who has the same opinions as you, but someone who is just like you.
I have not been here very long so I can’t identify a fluther twin yet, but I do sometimes notice I want to give the same smartass (in a funny way) answers as AstroChuck. I am in no means close to achieving AC’s flutherific-ness, but I can only hope to someday rise to his level.

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I think I have something in common with several flutherites, but no twin.

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Allie.. Not so much on Fluther but mostly on AIM.

But we mostly talk about burritos.

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I like the off the wall and sarcastic comments that Asmonet sometimes submits because that is a reflection of my own funny and sarcastic leanings alot of the time.

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@cdwccrn That’s what I was going to say.

could it be that we were separated? :)

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Yeah, I often feel this way about augustlan or susanc with regard to their answers.

I’m not sure if I emulate their answers, but I most often agree with the way they may phrase something. I always find myself thinking, “that’s what I would say.”

what does it say about me that they’re both women and I am a male?

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@elijahsuicide How unfortunate for you.~

I like to think I am unique so no twin. I admire the thinking of many Flutherites and often see like-minded answers, but I think they are unique too.

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@Marina yeah I get what you mean. I don’t think that anyone is EXACTLY the same as another person, but I mean more than an occasional same answer, like a freakishly almost always amount of times.

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richardhenry, fireside, and figbash seem like smarter, more articulate versions of me (and richard has that accent going for him as well)...

augustlan and nimis always feel like siblings of mine (not that they aren’t smarter and more articulate as well)... generally we think the same, occasionally from different angles

Those and pretty much anybody who’s down to talk about burritos…

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I feel this way about Kevbo. (I wonder how he feels about me!)

And I yearn to be able to offer the wisdom that Jeruba does.

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I believe I’ve a doppelgänger on Fluther, as that person so elegantly phrased it.

And I really, really like a whole bunch of people here.

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I was just thinking of asking this question. I suppose that would make you my twin, elijahsuicide. note: I did not make this up in order to produce a semi-clever, though tacky response. I really, truly was just thinking of asking “Which Flutherite are you most similar to?”

Often times I find that Harp shares the same point of view as I do on certain things. Or maybe it has more to do with the way he thinks.

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@knot: but you got the umlaut over the correct vowel.

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