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What do you think of Jessica Simpsons weight?

Asked by haleyray07 (225points) January 29th, 2009

Theres been a huge headline lately: “Jessica Simpson too curvy shes gained weight” Honestly, shes gone from 105 pounds to 130. she is now a size 8, the average size for a woman in America is a size 12…how is size 8 overweight at all? Is there some rule that you aren’t talented and cannot be a celebrity if you are bigger than a size 2?

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I really don’t care. Your weight is your own business and as long as you are happy with yourself then so be it.

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I have no opinion on the matter. Jessica Simpsons’s weight is her own business.

(I also have no idea who Jessica Simpson is, but that’s secondary.)

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At first I thought you were talking about Lisa Simpson, and I was, like “WHAT???”

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No biggie. She didn’t dress very well though.

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I don’t think anything of her weight.

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what’s wrong with curves? remember how men used to like curves? I like curves. She looks yummy now. I didn’t think she was that attractive before.

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This is the reason why aneroxia cases are on the rise. Teenagers got a totally wrong perception about healthy weight.

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It is the insanity of the media who promote the unhealthy images of women and weight shamelessly while decrying epidemics of anorexia and bulimia.

I think it would be a far better world if there were no news on Jessica Simpson, who seems to have achieved little (and possess less talent), at all.

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Bodysnarking: I am against it.

ALSO: This should not be something we care about. She’s a SINGER. We should care about her VOICE. Or she’s an ACTRESS, we should care about her ACTING ABILITY. That anyone cares about her weight enough that it makes the news is ridiculous. And shameful.

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I think as long as she is happy and healthy that’s all that matters. It’s nice to see someone in the public eye break away from the stick figure look.

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I think she looks fine. She has a really nice face and her shape is still nicely proportioned. Like many celebrities, I don’t think she would have any trouble getting back into a size 0 if she wanted to – just speed dial to a fitness trainer. I think she’s just enjoying looking different for a while. It also makes headlines, so it’s a win-win for her and publicity.

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Side note:

How much talk has there been about Barack Obama’s wardrobe vs. Michelle’s?

If Jessica’s guy Tony Romo gained or lost that amount of weight would it be a news story?

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truth, if she does not lose the weight her career is over.

thats how it is…..

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It’s none of my business.
It’s unfortunate that celebrities are judged so harshly for normal human frailties.

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I obsess about it most of my waking hours. My life is ruined.

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Oh, God! Say it isn’t so, Jessica!

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I’ve been comparing her to Anna Nicole Smith lately. Either way, there isn’t much to get excited about regarding the one who is still above ground.

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@gailcalled I hate to hear that. Still, I understand. It is Jessica (breathy gasp), after all.

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Her brother, Bart, never gets snarked over- and look at that tummy. Oh, the inequity.
bemoan, bemoan.

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@Knot:That’s because Bart has better hair.

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Ah. And complection, re. the Proactiv commercials

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Looks like she is heading down the same path as Britney…Oh nooooo!!!

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i think she looks fine. i don’t like her, but i don’t see why there’s all this talk about her gaining weight. big deal.

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She’s a bit big now. She needs to diet and exercise. She probably has even worse flatulence at a heavier weight.

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Women are so hard on themselves, although when you are a celebrity, it comes with the job. When you’re fat and a nobody – it’s a problem; more so if you are someone like Jessica Simpson. I think giving her slack, or anybody for that matter is not such a hard thing to do.
Celebrities have the money to work out in the gym, hire a personal trainer or go to a clinic to have something done. I’m sure in time, there will be changes in her physique. After all, who are we to judge? We’re so obsessed with the bodies of celebrities!

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