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Like the upcoming movie, do you enjoy shopping, and have you had to restrain yourself recently due to the downturn of the economy?

Asked by Siren (3419points) January 29th, 2009

I admit I used to shop for clothes fairly regularly. There were many aspects to shopping which I enjoyed – the hunt, the adrenaline rush in finding something that fits and looks great, the hours spent on your feet allowing for untold calories to be burned, sometimes forgetting you forgot to eat… Does this describe you? If so, have you had to qwell (or entirely abandon) your shopping habits lately? Are you happier now, or do you look back fondly on your shopping sprees and wipe away a tear? How has your shopping experience changed at all?

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The upcoming movie “I Enjoy Shopping” starring Miley Cyrus?

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It doesn’t apply to me at all. Clothes shopping is about getting in and getting out as quickly and painlessly as possible; with fewer people shopping, that’s even easier now.

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My wife and I love shopping for the house or my daughter.

This has been curtailed greatly since she’s been unemployed. It kills me.

We never shopped for ourselves even when we had more money. Too much guilt.

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@Dave: Really? I didn’t know she had a movie out. I was referring to Confessions of a Shopaholic coming out on Valentine’s Day.

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I like shopping for beer. I buy most of my clothes online now so I get nothing out of that. But I was never a big shopper so nothing has changed. And I am currently unemployed. I get by on about 600$ per month. I pretty much only buy what I need and save the rest.

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@Siren: oh.

I like buying things, I just wish they didn’t cost money.

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Thanks for all your comments so far :)

I know you are out there ladies (and gentlleman). You know who you are. You shop for hours and hours. I want to hear from you. Oh. Maybe you’re out….shopping?

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I shop… a lot…I enjoy it…a lot…I haven’t had to curtail my habits yet, if I did I would be sad. :(

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If I could, I would hire somebody to shop for me so I would never have to do it myself. If I never had to set foot in a mall again, I would consider a burden lifted from my life.

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i love to shop, and i love a bargain. my new year’s resolution is to shop less/spend less money. i have to curtail myself, not so much due to the economy, because believe me there are more bargains out there than ever before, but due to not needing anything. i have been trying to throw stuff out and realize what money has been wasted on stuff i didn’t need. exceptions to my new goal is buying stuff on clearance, like for my toddler daughter, who will be wearing bigger sizes next year and so i can benefit from getting clothes for next year now, on clearance. for myself, i would buy clothes on clearance but no longer go and just buy “stuff” for the sake of buying. i have enough candles, cooking stuff, bath stuff, decorative stuff, so that i don’t buy any more.

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@jca: Here, here! As a result of having to downsize my shopping sprees (to a trickle), I have had the pleasure of re-inventorying my wardrobe, and using my clothes more. I also donated a lot of clothes to charity I had not worn for a while.

I’m finding less is more a la Stacey London

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I am the opposite. The idea of going to a mall as entertainment is anathema to me. mI shop as little as possible.

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I used to like shopping, but that was only because I’d been raised poor, and the thrill of being able to buy clothes that weren’t from Kmart or Goodwill was a shot to the ego my adolescent self couldn’t resist. It lasted until the end of college.

Now I think it’s a pain in the butt. I keep my style basic just to stay away from the crowds and the stress of shopping. When I do go to a store, it’s obvious to me that too many people shop as entertainment, even at thrift stores. I don’t understand it. Especially in a place like NYC where there is sooo much to do! And for free! I saw the same thing in London, in Sydney, in the Carribean…

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I hate shopping. I rather it happen for me or if I must I like it fast.

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I hate shopping too – I only go look for something if I really need it… or my girlfriend thinks I really need it. (I think my shoes have another year in them at least!)

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I love shopping, but yeah if definately have had to cut back. The good thing is that so much is on sale right now. I just bought my daughter 3 sweaters and a jean skirt from abercrombie for under $100. Usually the sweaters are like $50 each. I do feel a little guilty about the Betsey Johnson octopus necklace I just got but I couldn’t stop myself.

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I like “shopping” at bookstores and antique shops.

All other shopping: something close to torture.

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Oh, yes, thanks, @petethepothead—good reminder. I make an exception for bookstores too, and for any kind of art supply or stationery store. But—to answer the question—I am trying to stay away from bookstores (and Amazon) a little more religiously these days.

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@Jeruba – I canNOT seem to keep from checking the Amazon mp3 download Daily Deal, but in my (meager) defense, I don’t buy it if it isn’t something I like/is over $3.

As for everything else—I enjoy shopping, but I definitely don’t spend as much as I used to (which wasn’t a lot in the first place).

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I’ve been buying books on overstock.

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@pete and Jeruba: You two can come shopping with me anytime! But only if I can add hardware stores to the list of destinations.

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@augustlan, I do like a real, old-fashioned hardware store, a place of narrow, crowded aisles and a peculiar mix of metallic smells, of bolts and chains and widgets and weird tools and the occasional nameless mystery. A place where you can ask the old guy behind the counter about the nameless mystery and he can (and will) tell you what it is and what it’s for.

A “hardware” chain that carries potted plants, shower curtains, and beef jerky is really just another department store. One of these days every store will carry everything, and then we’ll all quite justly curse the memory of the marketeer who came up with “one-stop shopping.”

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I don’t enjoy shopping but I don’t hate it either. Shopping is the act of me purchasing an item that I have thought about before, and I have compared prices to find the best deal I can get. I never window shop, I never go into a mall without a plan, because I don’t need the crap they’re offering, bottom line.

I don’t have impulses to buy presents to make myself feel better, because I know that in the long run I will not feel better when I’m looking at the credit card bill. I live within my means.

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when i buy clothes that i need, like to wear to a wedding, it’s torture because i have to try the clothes on,which is a lot of work. usually, though, when i buy clothes i just buy my size or a size that looks like it will fit and that makes it fun and not a chore.

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I used to go on shopping sprees and recklessly spend all my money just for the thrill of getting new things. I definetly feel that adrenaline rush after finding the perfect article of clothing. I stopped all of that becuase I once spent like $400 on things that I later realized didn’t even need. Every once and a while I’ll spend $30 or something on things that aren’t really a priority. I still love to shop but I spend my money wisely, and actually look for sales. I used to have the worst problem of finding something I absolutley loved and then later found out the staggering price while I was already at the cashier, and buying it with a tinge of regret. Now I look at the price before I get attatched and feel obligated to buy it.

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@desiree333: Your story sounds familiar. Sounds like a good idea checking the price tag before getting to the cash register. I’ve had the same sticker shock when purchasing groceries: get to the check out line and find out how much things actually cost, especially fruits and veggies which are hard to determine sometimes if you’re in a rush and they sell by the pound.

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I haven’t shopped for clothes in MONTHS, which kills me a little. But it’s not at all due to the economy…in fact, I actually got a small raise at work. I stopped shopping because 1) I have a credit card that I need to pay off, and 2) I’ve gained weight, so I’m spending my money on a gym membership instead. I’ll reward myself at some point with a nice new outfit…just not now!

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@melanie81: All good reasons, in my opinion, to hold off on the shopping. Sounds like you have a healthy attitude towards shopping.

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