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how do you find out what's on the soundtrack of a movie?

Asked by susanc (16139points) October 3rd, 2007

I was watching “The Insider” the other night when immersed in insomnia. On TV. The credits roll by pretty fast and I can hardly see those tiny letters anyway. Where do I look?

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You can always check – they usually have a track list and even little 2–3 second song samples.

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The internet movie database ( will usually list all the songs performed in a movie, even if they aren’t on the official soundtrack CD. You can see the soundtrack for The Insider here.

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I would also recommend they have discussion forums for songs for Commercials, TV Shows, Movie Soundtracks, Movie Trailers and more. It’s a great site and you can usually find the song or songs your looking for. I’ll be honest, I’ve only used it for commercials and tv shows and its been very helpful, I’m sure it will be for movies too.


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Be aware that just because a piece of music appears in a movie, it’s not guaranteed that it will appear on the soundtrack album. Some soundtrack albums, in fact, feature music that never appears in the film itself. You have to remember that they’re just trying to sell records.

IMDB is a great resource but doesn’t feature soundtrack information for every film in the database. The only way to know definitively is probably to rent the DVD and slow-mo/freeze-frame through the end titles to read every piece of music that appears in the film.

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There is another website that I find to be useful:

You can also find the songs listed at the end of the movies, in the credits. They will usually list all the songs used in that movie and the artists and recording companies, etc.

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