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Who else would like to join me in congratulating PupnTaco into the 10K club?

Asked by jrpowell (40509points) January 29th, 2009

Shine on you crazy bastard. And please continue making pretty pictures.

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I would, I would!

Congrats, PnT!

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Wow, that was quick! Thanks :)

“comic sans” LOL

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Dave- You the man. <low bow>
Also, thanks for hosting one of my favorite websites…

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Much lurve for you!

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<80’s movie ending slow clap>

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Wooohooo Way to go Dave!!!! You can be King for the day week? !! Now get back to making incredible art :P

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u da man dave! keep “pupn” your fluther flow, bro!

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TACO DAVE! put it on the menu after obama flautas!

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or hey, obama-ladas! hmmm…

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CONGRATS!!! You deserve it.

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Woot! Party! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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Congratulations Dave!

I got a compliment on my KMET t-shirt today – here in The Cornfield and everything! You Rock

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Awesome PUP!

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w00t go dave!

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Congrats Dave!!

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Wewt! Congrats Dave! :D

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By the way Dave, I visited your site today. I like your pictures, they are certainly very pretty. I mean cough manly… Very manly!

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Thanks :) pretty is fine by me.

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Yay to PnT, my fellow Angeleno. Don’t tell anyone, but you are one of my favorites. shh!

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Don’t tell anyone, but I agree with Tiny. Shh! :D

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Woot woot! Go PnT!

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Yay me!

Lurve for everyone.

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Wow, 10K and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you use more than a dozen words in an answer! Now that’s efficiency!

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Congratulations :-)

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Congrats Mr. Dave-Taco.

And you’re one of the better illustrators I’ve ever seen.


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Yay, Dave! Tacos and art for everyone!

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Congrats, Davey! And welcome.

BTW, new 10K members buy the doughnuts.

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I like Boston Creme filled.

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Congrats! (hands Dave a caipirinha)

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PupnTaco: Alkaline, Salty and full of 10k lurve!
Congrats, Dave! Thanks for the amusing comments AND great pictures.

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Thanks again, all. :)

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And thanks for the doughnuts.

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Sorry there weren’t more maple bars.

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Newest 10K member – none other than uberbatman!!! Congratulations uber!

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sorry i left your present at uber’s party.

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OOOPs! sorry I missed this. Congrats dave!!!

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