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Do you find the PETA add too racy?

Asked by syz (35649points) January 29th, 2009

Apparently, a PETA ad in which it is suggested that vegetarians have better sex than meat eaters has been banned for being too suggestive because women appear to be preparing to pleasure themselves with produce. I didn’t find it particularly shocking. Do you?

(Disclaimer: not a PETA supporter)

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YouTube just pulled the video. Darn.

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Well, I know that for radio you can’t allude to anything going in anywhere so I can see why those few scenes would raise a flag. If it weren’t for that, there was only one shot that i thought would have to have been cut.

This safe sex ad didn’t make it past the censors either.

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I don’t find it too racy. But I want to see men in their commercials employed in a similar fashion. Fair’s fair.

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Good point.

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@marina – its back up there

I don’t find it that way.

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@fireside – Don’t know if you saw this

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No. If I remember correctly, didn’t the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show follow the SB one year? What’s the difference? Sexuality sells everything. The Doritos and Bud Light commercials are usually sexual, as well.

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LOVED IT! :D I think it is hilarious.

If it was for Budweiser they would be fine with it.

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Well i feel the need to say this every time they’re mentioned so ill say it now. FUCK PETA!

I think vegetarians have better sex cause theyre constantly craving some meat ;)

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not shocking and not effective…..ironically, makes me hungry for rib tips

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To me, it’s no more shocking than the commercials for male ED commercials. Especially the ones with the warnings for the 4 hour erections.

My husband said he’s seen worse – commercials AND tv shows. I agree with him, 100%.

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I’ve been following a vegetarian diet for about 6 years now and I still can’t stand PETA. I’m all for the welfare of animals in our custody but PETA are really lame, they make me want to eat meat just to spite them.

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Saw it. Thanks, Bri_L.

I found it hardly more suggestive than beer commercials. Remember the twins ads a few years ago? Remember Ashton Kutcher having his crotch repeatedly slammed into a signpost as a girl sucked on her Pepsi straw?

It ought to be pulled, because it’s not factually correct, though. Eat Veg and get more? Really!

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@Marina, I don’t think it’s a “Get more” argument, but more of a increased libido, etc. I can’t say myself it’s true because I don’t have a personal meat vs. post-meat comparison.

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@btko I dare not go down that road for fear of the Mods, but great straight line.

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I saw it. I think they intentionally made it to risqué for NBC. They aren’t in a financial position to afford placing an ad during the Superbowl. By having the network refuse to air their commercial PETA gets the publicity and viewership (YouTube) without having to pay for the spot.

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To me, PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals, so that ad doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. Penn and Teller’s expose on their show BULLSH!T of PETA says it all for me.

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As entertaining as Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! is, don’t take everything on that show as gospel. Penn Jillette has an agenda and sometimes dabbles in half truths and exaggerations.

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Penn Jillette sometimes EXXAGERATES?!?

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@fireside, I believe there is something in the guidelines about using too many font styles in an answer. We should check with a moderator on this. Quick, someone find us a moderator. :-)

@AstroChuck, and pray tell, who doesn’t have an agenda? PETA perhaps. Any group that compares eating meat with what the Nazis did to the Jews is not to be trusted. PETA is despicable.

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Eh…not too racy. Also not very good. I think AC is right about this ad, and the others too. Those Durex ads were hysterical! Banned ads garner much more attention than the ones that are approved.

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that was the funniest video i’ve ever seen. i think i’m gaining respect for them haha, that was hilarious

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@zebra- Of course PETA has an agenda. I’m not arguing that, nor am I defending them. I think PETA means well but they go about things the wrong way, making a joke out of the animal rights movement; something I take seriously. Much of what they do is counter-productive. However, they are better now (less militant) than they were a just a decade ago.
All I was pointing out is how Penn & Teller’s show is about entertainment and not always hard fact. They tend to take liberties with some of their shows. Still, I enjoy watching Bullshit!, especially when there’s gratuitous nudity!

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No doubt, animal cruelty is a real issue in this day and age. I myself have huge struggles with the fact that I love a good steak but have real issues with the way cattle are treated / produced.

I try to buy little meat and make according choices, e.g. buy red meets from Argentina, chicken from certified organic free-running farms etc. paying out the wazoo in order to appease my conscience. I love animals, on and off my plate, what can I say? Believe me, thinking about those taser sticks they use to drive bulls into the slaughterhouse makes me sick.

However, PETA has long been known to associate with and fund certain militant groups that will not hesitate to commit arson, stalk individuals, threaten owners of certain restaurant chains etc. etc. etc.

As for PETA and the militant groups, how can they purport to do it for the welfare of animals when:

a) Such activities / associations merely discredit them in the general public, thus undermining the cause of creating awareness?


b) They’re not concerned about their fellow human omnivore mammals? After all, we’re animals ourselves whom nature saw fit to equip with somewhat more active brains than most others.

Everyone who resorts to this kind of extremism is misguided and uses what may even be a just cause as excuse to live out their own little perverted thing, in the course harming the cause itself.

Kinda like, I’d respect Islam if it weren’t for the few nutcrackers constantly trying to kill people.

Seriously, I used to donate to PETA every year until I found out they fund what I call Molotov-Vegans.

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@TaoSan a friend of mine used to work on the kill floor of a slaughterhouse. If you ever want to hear what that’s like, just ask. And just so you know, he desperately needed the job, and no, he didn’t enjoy it. You’d have to be a psycho to love that sort of work. He quit as soon as he found something less stressful. It’s a job I could never do.

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I saw a couple of documentaries in Germany, that made me lose my appetite for meat for months.

(On a side note, was weird seeing a documentary made by Germans about cruelty of Americans :)

The cruelty displayed was just so horrible, I can understand the rage. They showed everything from guys tasering the testicles to 2.5 ton bulls still alive being lifted by hanging just one leg on a forklift.

Believe me I would like to have nothing better than to see a SWAT team running in there returning the favor, hopefully with a consecutive long long sentence sharing a cell with 6’5” Burt or so.

There are certain Angus ranches in Argentina that pride themselves in providing a rather happy and free life to cattle ended with sniper rifles at a long range. Basically, they’re really happy cows doing cow stuff until the lights simply go out. I like that notion. Unfortunately, you can only get this meat at select specialty stores at around $25 a pound.

I myself buy it whenever I feel the urge for a nice steak, and most of my friends stare in plain disbelief how much of a difference when I have them over to demonstrate the huge difference the lifestyle and relative stress-free death of the “product” really makes in the taste and overall quality of the meat.

The high price also keeps me in check when it comes to the amount of red meat I eat. Particularly in the US we have a tendency to overeat on it, which is very unhealthy for several reasons.

As for chicken and fish, I usually shop at Whole Foods Market and try to get it certified organic.

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As pretentious as it is ignorant, usual PETA fare.

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If one is doing it right, sex is an athletic activity. Protein is required for optimum fitness. As usual, PETA’s claims are lies.

Great Question Lurve @Syz for not being a PETA supporter.

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