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What are some good questions about t.v., movie, and video game censorship?

Asked by Breanna93 (43points) January 29th, 2009
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Breanna, you might be wondering why, after an hour, no one has answered your question here on Fluther, when, usually, questions have several answers within a few minutes.

I think, though I can’t speak for everyone here, that your question smacks a little of the “please do my homework for me,” variety. In general, Flutherites tend to look down on those types of questions. Please don’t take this as a snub, or an insult at all. I think it’s a fairly common mistake, but I thought you should know.

Now, if you are sincerely interested in the topic of censorship, and would like to discuss it, perhaps you could rephrase your question so it sounds less like an assignment from class.

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