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Do you think this ad positively or negatively affects this company?

Asked by syz (35843points) January 29th, 2009

This is a viral, banned ad for a condom company. Would you consider this an effective campaign?

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Sort of hilarious, but not a good ad. I can’t say why. I guess I just don’t like the “in your face” ness of it.

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lol, i just posted this on your other question : D

It’s going to get a lot of views for sure, and may bring in some first time users.
I guess effective depends on how much they spent on the commercial that can only be used for web views in the US.

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I must say, I had never heard of the company until i saw the ads.

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I bought a three pack and two of them broke.
It might have just been because I bought them from a gas station and they had been sitting around for a while. Didn’t buy them again though.

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It is absolutely effective. After all we just watched a commercial on purpose and now we are discussing it.

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Talk about your product placement.

thank you folks. i’ll be here all week

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Definitely positive. The ad itself was clever but they chose the perfect medium to deliver it through. This would’ve played poorly on primetime TV but exactly the thing kids would forward on facebook.

There’s also a certain technical attention to detail, how they match the tone of the sounds to the actual act and that there’s a very clear canine mannerism to the actions while retaining the physics of a balloon. Hee.

Sorry, am in the middle of an ad strategy research/writeup

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@fireside Were they expired?

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It was very funny. As long as it makes people remember the brand and buy it in the shops, then it’s positive.

The orange balloon getting all bashful when caught looking made me guffaw, which I am usually too ladylike to ever do!

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I had to GA you for bringing that tiny piece of fun into my life.

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@aprilsimnel I snorted out loud

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I think it’s a great ad, you have to remember this is marketing towards the same folks who think body spray, deodorant, and shave gel are the primary makers of sexual attraction…

“When the ladies come a-flocking to my battling bouquet of manhood, will I be prepared?”

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I thought it was definitely a good ad, considering who it was targeted at, the primary source of viewing (I’m assuming the internet; I doubt that got any airplay). It does effectively promote the purpose of the product in a humorous way that grabs – and keeps! – the viewer’s attention. The sound was particularly effective because it added to the humor, and kept the fact that the animals were made of condoms in the viewer’s mind, therefore keeping the product in mind as well. The fact that Durex is promoting safe sex is definitely a plus in my mind, but I have always trusted Trojan above and beyond any other brand.

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lurve to april for the same reason.

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@syz – I agree.
@aprilsimnel – It was only the second pack had ever bought. They were in and out of my possession too fast for me to check the expiration date.

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@fireside – I think you switched @syz and me up. But that’s OK, it’s a funny!

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@aprilsimnel – actually I think I mixed you and artificalard up because i was playing video games and fluthering at the same time. 10,000 apologies : )

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I personally loved “Outtake #3.” What was that thing! Not quite right for prime time but great for later night viewing.

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@fireside This is what happens when you don’t pay attention. Condoms break and you upset the Flutherverse.

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@artificialard – You’re right, I’ve now vowed off playing video games during sex, can’t promise the same about Fluther and sex though…

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Okay, I laughed. But I think it would have been more effective with some clever angling. Instead of just horny animals if there had been some cheesy romantic music and more was implied as opposed to outright shown.

As it is, I giggled but then thought great that’s the brand for mindless slutty fucking in every way imaginable.


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@fireside – It is definitely important to check the expiry dates on condoms (the latex does break down over time), and to protect them. Keeping them somewhere where they’ll get a lot of wear (back pocket, bottom of a purse, exposure to extremes of temperature, etc) will cause them to break down faster, too.

I thought this commercial was great! I would have been shocked to see it on TV, at least during the day, but I thought it was extremely clever. The canine quality made it somehow less pornographic and more cute, without which it might have been a touch too much. Overall, it was engaging, apropos for the product, entertaining and memorable – very effective.

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