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Regardless of whether or not you're a football fan, do you go to/have Superbowl parties on Superbowl Sunday or is it just a regular Sunday for you?

Asked by jca (36043points) January 29th, 2009

do you go to Superbowl parties or host them yourself? or does it not make any difference to you at all when it’s Superbowl Sunday?

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I don’t care, my partner will be watching. But if the Panthers had made it in, I’m sure we’d be having a party.

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i like football, but really just watch it for the commercials… and this year the party is not going to be at my house because i no longer have cable

if the F’n Titans would have made it this would be different

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I have managed to stay ignorant of when the Superbowl is even on. I assume it’s this Sunday? So yeah, regular Sunday for me…

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Lifelong apathetic towards sports here. No parties, just another day for us.

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It’s a regular Sunday for me, but the boy roomie will have all his buds over here for the game. And he just got a big screen TV in the living room. My other roommate will probably be elsewhere. I can only hope there’s coffee shops with free WiFi come Sunday.

Now Oscar Sunday, that’s my Super Bowl Sunday.

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I don’t like football and won’t waste any time in it in any way.

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sort of…..not in the mood for partying but…no doubt watch a quarter or 2 if its a good game

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Superbowl, not sure who is playing. Regular sunday. SS at 8:00am, church, deacon meeting, home by 2:00pm

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I have to work Sundays. Yuck.

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definitely watching the game with friends…it’s all about the commercials

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@loser: Im with ya. I also work Sundays and I couldn’t care less about sports.

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well, I won’t be asking any of you to join my fantasy football league…

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I am a serious football fan. While I think the League Championship Games are usually much better contests, and there is too much hype for the Super Bowl, I have both been to and had multiple Super Bowl parties through the years.

This year it’s a private party, just my and the husband. I am looking forward to it. In fact, there were great alarums and excursions in the house yesterday when it appeared the sound had gone out on our TV only days before the big game!

It turns out that somehow (we still don’t know how) the speaker switch on the back of the TV set got turned to OFF. Thank goodness all is now OK.

Go Steelers!

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We definitely have a party – now, whether non-family is invited, that depends on how I am feeling and who is playing. This year – we have some people coming over.

The years we just have family – we still cook. We still make a big deal out of it. We still have family bets – they just aren’t money.

Truly, I prefer to host a party – rather than attend one. I’m just more comfortable at home!

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Here in Phoenix, Arizona (and all over the state for that matter), we’re going to be having Superbowl parties on every corner, everywhere, because the Cardinals probably won’t ever be in the Superbowl again. This is a momentous occasion!

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I guess it must be coming up—? Didn’t know, don’t care. Big ho-hum at our house.

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If you like football, you watch.

I must add that the Super Bowl with the Broncos and Green Bay was the best ever!

1. I am a huge Bronco fan.
2. Blondesjon is a huge Packer fan.
3. Broncos won!!!
4. Blondesjon not so happy.

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I’ve had a few parties, more like get-togethers with a few friends. Only when someone’s favorite team makes it in. This year I didn’t even know who was playing until today!

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I can’t imagine it being a regular Sunday. It would make me very sad.

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I enjoy watching the occasional football game (I’m a baseball nut). But I’ve been tuning in more and more during these football playoffs, and have been finding myself really enjoying the games. I think I’ll follow football more next year. As for the Super Bowl, I’m definitely attending a party with friends. And I’ll be in it as much for the football as the fanfare. I hope it’s a good, close game.

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Neither I or (nor?) my husband has ever been to a Superbowl party. The food always sounds good but we’re not sports fans and have never been invited to one.

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I couldn’t care less. My husband will have it on alllllll day. I’ll be on here allllll day, LOL.

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Superbowl party? Screw that. You’re all invited to my Puppy Bown V PARTY!!!

for real, though. I watch Puppy Bowl every year.

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@tonedef Awesome! I am now an official Puppy Bowl fan.

I’m rooting for “Indigo” (#13). Now that’s an annual pastime I can get behind.


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@cprevite just you WAIT until the Bissel Kitty Halftime Show!!!!

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@tonedef I’m so excited I’m vibrating.

(All kidding aside, I am going to follow this – and share the link with some friends)

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to answer my own question – i know nothing about football – it looks like a bunch of guys crashing into each other – but i usually go to a party. this year, party in the boogie down bronx. will leave after half time to get the baby home and prepare for work week. i hate that it’s on a sunday when work’s the next day, and i hate that it’s always frigid here in February, and superbowl is usually late in the evening (for a sunday). i wish they would make it superbowl saturday, but that’s not the tradition, i understand…..

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Adorable! I’ll be watching playoffs and puppies now. I found a commercial for the Puppy Bowl, that’s only 30 seconds long. Get ready for cuteness!

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Any excuse for a party is a good one.

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We ended up having chips and dip, veggies and veggie dip, and Swedish Meatballs over egg noodles. Hubby threw it together at the last minute.

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My wife decided to whip up some vegetarian chili, sheppards pie, natchos, an Unos pizza and a sugar-free chocolate cake.

We swtched back and forth from the Super Bowl to the Puppy Bowl (which I had recorded).

Thought Springsteen was a lot of fun. Fell asleep right after half time.

Who won?

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It depends on who is playing :)

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I was at a house with no cable. We tried to get the Puppy Bowl online and couldn’t. Darn!

Did you find any clips of the whole Puppy Bowl, or just the highlights? I’d love it if someone posted a link!

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