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Is there a wireless remote flash trigger that will work with the Canon Rebel XT?

Asked by kmhayes (5points) October 3rd, 2007
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You have to buy the one from Canon. They make their own line of proucts and their cameras don’t work with normal accessories (ie cable releases, flashes, etc) so you have to buy the Canon versions, which are often bad quality and expensive.

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I use an inexpesive set of Chinese flash trigggers with my Canon 20D that has been fantastic:

I think that the (more expensive) standard, though, is the Pocket Wizard:

I don’t have a Rebel, but I think these types of triggers fit onto pretty much any hot shoe, and they definitely work with my 20D.

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Note that this depends on what type of flash you want to trigger. If you’re using a Canon flash and you want ttl metering and so forth to work you’re most likely going to need to buy something from Canon. If you have a generic hot-shoe flash, then Jessie’s answer is a good one. If the flash has a pc sync input jack you might want to look into getting an inexpensive slave sensor and using the on-camera flash to trigger it. I do that with an old Vivitar potato masher-type flash, and it works like a charm. Most decent camera stores have slave sensors for $20 or less.

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Check out They’ve got a very nice remote flash trigger system thats REALLY cheep. If you need metering and flash setup and stuff like that they have other options, but their Radio Flash Trigger does the trick for me (I bought 2 transmitters and 4 receivers for a traveling studio and am just about to buy some more).

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Thanks for all the input. I am trying to trigger Calumet Travelite strobes and Speeodtron Brown Line and Black Line studio strobes. I do not want the flash on the Rebel Xt to fire so whatever I use will have to be IR or Radio controlled. I want to be certain not to fry the hotshoe on the Rebel so I want to find out what works best. Thanks

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