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If you woke to find that you were the last being on Earth, what would you do?

Asked by whackyrusty (763points) January 29th, 2009 from iPhone

Just you, no one else. In the vein of post-apocalyptic films like Omega Man or The Quiet Earth, just without mutants or other nasties trying to do you harm.

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i would start a rock n roll band

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Live with the animals. Go anywhere I want. Do anything I want. Walk around naked. After that got old, I’d kill myself.

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Catch up on my sleep.

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I would run around tearing the tags off of every mattress I could find.

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I would never have to match my clothes again.

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Well… would everyone be “gone”, or would all of the dead bodies be all over the place? If the earth suddenly had 7 billion dead people around me I don’t think I would want to stick around.

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I’d bike over to the mainland ASAP, and then get over to the hardware and sporting goods stores for supplies. I wouldn’t want to be on an island.

Westchester has some very nice homes. With fireplaces.

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I would live in a shopping mall.

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@btko They’re all gone. I wouldn’t do that to you.

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Ah okay… hmmm now that I think about it I don’t know if it would make a difference. Either way it would be really a really sad day, and I imagine scary as well.

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Would there be electricity? That would make a difference.

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@chyna Sure, at least for the time being.

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I watched this show along the lines of “If every human disappeared on Earth what would happen.” They covered the topic of electricity, and they said it depends on your power source.

Coal and Gas power plants would run for a few days before supply of materials ran out. Hydro dams and wind farms would keep going until the turbines ceased from lack of maintenance. Nuclear plants would go for a few months but would they would shut down automatically after no human input or something like that.

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Sing. I’d sing so damn loud.

I can’t sing like I used to sing – but I LOVE to sing. I just think it’s wrong to torture people.

After I did that, I’d probably be very, very sad. No, not probably. I would be horribly sad. Devastated. My family…gone? I wouldn’t want to be there.

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I’d drive fast as hell in the awesomest car I could find.

For about an hour. Then cry.

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Being the only person on Earth would pretty much suck ass. As part of a civilization we take for granted all of the things that we don’t have to do ourselves.

It would also suck because I don’t have the expertise to do anything grandiose like launching myself to the moon.

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Probably find a volleyball…call it Wilson…then I’d take Wilson everywhere with me…oh it would be a blast.

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Cry a lot. I don’t know if I’d be able to find anything productive to do after that.

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I always wanted a Hummer and gas stations would be free. It would be like that Will Smith movie. I think I would probably be okay as long as I had my dog!

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I’d battle loneliness, travel around the country and see as much as I could to keep myself stimulated, stay healthy and survive for as long as possible, and finally die of old age….hopefully. And somewhere in the middle of all that, I’d end up crying at some point or another.

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One of the best-known episodes of the original Twilight Zone series, called ‘Time Enough at Last,’ used the last-man theme.

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I am not sure. would try to travel somehow, probably just finding cars. I’d be a little worried without any medical care or anything anywhere. Not sure how I would get overseas, would be the most flustirating aspect. I’d probably go to places like the CIA and just read everything and go in the White House. Go to the Imperial Palace in Japan. I’d wander through major cities possibly but that might make me feel more lonely.

I would definitely want to maintain an anchor, like come back to my birth home eventually to die.

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Raid the pharmacies and drive across the country (free gas!).

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@Jeruba GMTA. When I saw this question I was going to say I’d finally have enough time to read and reference that very episode!

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Load a Hummer with food and amo, steal a cool dog or two and set out for a last adventure exploring. I’d have to switch to a fast car, probably an Evo at some point and shoot down every speed camera I could find, drive through a Starbucks front window and finally get coffee with no line and cheap. Then Id load up with some bling from Tiffany’s, rob a fur vault and sleep on on a bed of fur coats without fear of being slathered in paint by Peta. I’ll shut up now I could go on and on, great fun question.

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