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Which fan is more nerdy? Star Wars, or Star Trek fans?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) January 29th, 2009

I’m curious to know which type of fan in your opinion is more nerdy, Trekies, or Star War fans.

I say the star war fans are a bit more nerdy…but I suppose the topic is up for debate. I’ll start the tally

Star Trek: 0
Star Wars: 1

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If I know the answer to this, does that make me a Trekkie too? :O
Tough call. They both have a huge canon to follow and lust over but I’d guess the Trekkies are the winners. Not sure why.

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More content in Star Trek, though I’ve never watched. I love Star Wars but I think Lucas is way out there.

In terms of fans, I’d have to say Star Wars mainly because all the trekkies I know are all secretive about it but if someone yells “Han shot first” there are high fives all over.

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I say Trekkies, because tech content is a much higher part of the Trek canon. More tech=more nerdy.

Also, did you see the hilarious (as most are) Big Bang Theory in which they go to a medieval festival and Sheldon complains constantly about the anachronisms? Fed up, they demand he view it as a Trekkie observing an alien civilization. So, he goes dressed as a Star Fleet officer.

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I like star wars, star trek is way more nerdy.
What I mean to say is both are nerdy, but star wars is cool nerdy and star trek is nerdy nerdy.

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Star Trek

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Easy answer. Trekkies are the superior nerds.

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Star Trek nerds are the most nerdy.

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Trekkies. But don’t call them that! They’re Trekkers, thankyouverymuch. I’m reminded of that old sketch on SNL when Shatner tells a crowd at a Trek con to get a life!

Me? I’m a Whovian! Or a Whovienne. Whatevs: TOM BAKER & the TARDIS FTW! That whole show is chaos theory dramatised.


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I say Star Trek fans are more nerdy. I don’t know why exactly.

I think it’s because Star Trek is a purely science fiction story, while Star Wars is closer to fantasy than science fiction.

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Trekkies, definitely.

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Trek fans top the nerd spectrum…

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well, I guess there is no need to keep a tally anymore…heh

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I guess whenever a showing of a star wars movie comes out, I always see lines of star war fans just camping outside the theater. But I don’t ever recall the same thing for Star Trek.

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I’m not much of a Star Trek fan, so I obviously have to vote for them as being the uber-most nerds.

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@zarnold haha coming from the guy with a star wars avatar….though this is coming from a guy who has a star trek avatar…

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Hard to say. I’m just glad I’m a cool Whovian.

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Star Trek fans, ‘cause they think it’s real.

(so says the Star Wars nerd since 1977)

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I’d say the Trekkies are little more over the top than the Star Wars crowd. Who can blame them though? Captain Kirk is the man!

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Trekkies by a long shot…

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I know this is random, but who knew that Star Wars appealed to such a wide audience. I mean cosplay cafe maids? Even Firefox couldn’t pass it up.

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@RandomMrdan That’s because the trekkers are watching the movies from their dark mother’s basements through a computer that they made themselves.

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trekies. I mean come on, Wookies are just badass.

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Trekkies seem more nerdy. Jedi are just cool and Star Wars has broader appeal. The themes in Trek are more….

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@Kiev749 – You spelled Wookiee wrong.

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Aidje, you have to vote!

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Is this even a compliment or insult?

I’m going against the herd and just say Star Wars, because they only had the handful of movies (and crappy newer ones) but sustain just as much of a nerdherd as the Star Trek fans that had a larger continuing TV show and movies for the whole time. The Star Wars obsession seems stronger…

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Star Trek

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@Introverted_Leo – Well, I was thinking that Star Trek fans are more nerdy (as I will explain below). But then I wasn’t sure that I could say that, since I was bothered that someone misspelled “wookiee.” Anyway….

I think I agree with @elijahsuicide. Star Wars has more popular acceptance than does Star Trek. If you see a Star Wars poster in someone’s dorm room, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a huge nerd. But there are some pretty huge Star Wars nerds out there. There are huge nerds on both sides. But it is my impression that a higher percentage of Star Trek fans are huge nerds, while a comparatively smaller percentage of Star Wars fans are huge nerds. This is, of course, all anecdotal.

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Who you callin’ nerdy?!!

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What is a nerd, anyways?

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Depends. I think both series are worthwhile of fan adoration. Personally I am a Trekkie, I can’t really get into Star Wars, but I have seen every series of Star Trek (except for the original series, can’t stand Shatner’s bad acting!).

Yeah, I guess I’m a bit nerdy. But I don’t consider it to be bad. Star Trek, especially The Next Generation and DS9, was a show that delved much deeper than just space exploration. Many of the episodes dealt with themes seen on Earth, such as racism (species-ism I guess), long lasting consequences of actions, etc. And the reason I nitpick at it is because on the whole it’s only 70% of what it could have been – if there had been great writers with a concise rulebook and everything was thought out in advance, the series could have had that extra layer of polish to boost it up to Serenity/Firefly/Babylon 5 level.

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I’m going to garner that Star Wars has more social acceptance like those few above me. They aren’t selling Star Trek shirts at hot topic. It’s not cool to like Star Trek. Hence, Trekkies are the bigger nerds. Although everyone who cosplays outside of the bedroom is a huge nerd.

I think Triumph the insult dog said it best (when talking to a person dressed like Darth Vader) He said, “Which one of these buttons on your chest calls your mother to pick you up?”

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i am a big fan of both. i have never worn a costume for either, nor attended any sort of convention. overall i guess i have the impression that star trek fans are more nerdy, but i don’t really have a reason why.

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Trekkies, by far.

But yeah, I’m a Whovian too.

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Star Trek. They even have their own spoof movie about being nerd-y. (Galaxy Quest).

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At the expense of my boss, I’d definitely say Trekkies.
Sorry Kevin!

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Ha I totally told you everyone would say Star Trek was more nerdy dan! I win again!

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I wish I could go against the common consensus and say “Star Wars,” but that’d be a lie. Star Wars is a lot less nerdy as far as the technological / science / etc. Star Wars has a lot of cool stuff, but it’s not very technical.

I feel like I’m rambling.

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I think there may have been a few people that are confusing the question a bit…I was more interested to see what Fan you found to be more nerdy, not which series you found to be more nerdy based on content.

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What a nerdy question.

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@Grisson – The movie about Star Wars fans is called Fanboys, and it’s coming out on February 6th (after many, many delays).

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…wow…and William Shatner is in it? lol

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Star Wars fans are more nerdy because most the Star Trek fans are older and have had more time to get a life.

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star trek lol.

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@Blobman: Star Trek is more nerdy because they still haven’t.

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Trekies are gobs nerdier. I guess it’s because Star Wars is a bit more mainstream. Star Wars is a thing of movies and the story can be understood after watching a few movies but Star Trek has had 4 TV series, hundreds of episodes, and a ton of movies. Klingon is also the most widely spoken artifical language, which says somthing about Trekies.

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Actually, this nerd counts five different Star Trek series.

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yeah, there were 5 series. The original with Kirk, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Star Trek Enterprise.

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I completely forgot about DS9! Silly me.

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After TOS, DS9 was the best one.

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My personal favorite was The Next Generation. Q, and Data rocked and Picard makes me feel hopeful. He would make a great president. I feel like I can trust a Frenchmen with a British accent for some reason.

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Think about it: If a starship vessel doesn’t work, they have to do a diagnostic test and utilize various technologies to fix the problem. When the Millennium Falcon acts up, HAN just slams it good, and shes up and running again! And the fans mirror that sort of persona!

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trekkies, very detailed fans

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@Vinifera7 Trekkies had the first conventions. They set the precedent. Triumph The Insult Comic Dog might see it a little differently, though.

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trekkies. oh and @aidje , he spelled wookie right

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Star Trek rules. Star Wars fans are gay.

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@Zen no, your gay

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@Blobman- You must be a Star Wars fan. A Star Trek fan would have written “you’re”.

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Haha, good one AC

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Is it possible to be a Trekker, Star Wars fan, and Whovian equally? I think I’m pretty darn close. I don’t prefer one over the others.

I have to say that the Star Wars/Star Trek debate is rather hard to analyze. I’ve seen Star Wars fans (one of my friends actually) who outnerd any Trekker I’ve ever seen (he has a Jedi Knight tattoo on his leg).

Overall, I think the background material of both are equally nerdy, however, the community that embraces them tend to embrace different parts. Most of the Star Trek community embraces the technical side of Star Trek (which is seen as nerdy), while the Star Wars community tends to embrace the “Space Cowboy” side of Star Wars (which is seen as “cool”). This is a rather overarching generalization but I think it holds true most of the time.

Next time one of these questions comes around I want a discussion containing Dr. Who, and Firefly as well, both have similar cult followings and are regarded as nerdy.

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I just like a good soap opera. In space.

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Trekkies are the Nerds.

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Trek rules in nerd-dom. I have a bat’leth hanging on my office wall right next to my 24 hour analog clock. There is so much more trivia to memorize, like the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition or the rules of Ambo-Jitsu.

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<raises hand> I am proud to be a nerdy TrekkER folks, trekker, not trekkie <shudders> and hey guys, check out that cell phone we all cling to, where did that start from….. <high fives fellow trekkERs> lol what about the pad we can attach to our usbs to literally draw or write into our compys, seem to remember Yoeman Rand bobbing about the Enterprise bridge with one of those before we even had home computers <smiles> I grin everytime I get a delivery and the driver hands one of those little portable pads to me lol :-)
hugs everyone xx
ps: I could add that I met my hubby in the queue waiting to see The Wrath of Khan (July 1982 actually it was and now I feel very old lol)

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@bunnygrl I was frankly more interested in Yeoman Rand bobbing about than anything she was writing on (I was a 13 year old boy).

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land LOL I always wanted to spend some “quality time” with Dr McCoy :-)
hugs xx

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@bunnygrl ROFL. Tasha Yar really got me up to warp speed.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land yep, you and my hubby too LOL.
huggles xx

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You have two groups of adults who like to wear unnecessary rubber facial and head prosthetics to alter themselves into fictitious creatures. Many of them go around making silly noises, pretending they are speaking fictitious alien languages. Many of these fans profess to be atheists or agnostics, yet it is hard to believe they do not worship Spock, Captain Kirk, Darth Vader, or Luke Skywalker as surrogate gods. There is no need to debate who is more nerdy. Both groups have their own franchised brand of nerdiness all sewn up. They are equal to one another in the nerd kingdom.

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@FlipFlap +GA You’ve pretty much got it nailed, except for the subtle distinction that @bunnygrl alludes to between “Trekkies” and “Trekkers”, the “Trekkies” being more into the paraphernalia. I do admit to some degree of worship (or lust) of Tasha Yar.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land is right, trekkies are the ones who make trekkers slap their forehead and groan. Sad but true, but guess who always gets the media attention? Honestly, even the term trekkie makes me cringe. I’ve watched trek since I was a small child, 6 or 7 years old, it introduced me to my husband, I made some wonderful friends because of it but I don’t speak klingon (nor do I want to) I don’t refuse to answer unless people call me by a rank I never earned (watch the movie “Trekkies” <shudder> I can NOT believe I just said that, and you’ll see what I mean). I do however LOVE trek, in all its incarnations, when I get seriously peeved with the world, or my life or both, its a fabulous place to escape to for a while.
hugs everybody xx

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Star Trek fans are lame. End of discussion.

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Star Wars fans are equally handicapped. May the Schwartz be with you!

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Sweet holy moly, neither they are just ahead of the curve unlike the dregs who are fans of South Park and Jackass, etc.

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Why don’t we bury the hatchet, pick up our towels and open our copies of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy . Now repeat after me: Don’t Panic!

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Star Trek!

Star Wars fans are cool. The original movies made between ‘77 and ‘83 that is. Fans of the newer movies with that little bitch Hayden Christensen are misguided.

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Trekkers, because they (and the myriad series) tend to be more cerebral and detail-oriented. Aside from that, I agree with what @FlipFlap said.

Now… anybody here in the most excellent Firefly/Serenity camp? :D

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They’re both great fantasy/fiction worlds but Star Trek is way more technical if that’s what you mean by nerdy.

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Trekkies are geekier but are Star Wars fans really cool? I enjoy them both. :)

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Star Trek, have more mentions in Big Bang Theory than Star Wars…

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