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Do crafting stamps have to be cleaned to preserve their clarity?

Asked by peggylou (1138points) November 20th, 2006
If so, with what?
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There are special stamp cleaners out there to clean your stamps & you should do it regularly.
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I was taught at a stamping party that plain old baby wipes do a great job! If you happen to be stamping & embossing on a road trip they really do duel purpose, (cheaper)
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Baby wipes, of course! I just bought a little bottle of stamp cleaner. Do you find it difficult to find embossing pad ink to re-ink my stamp pad? I couldn't find any at Michaels.
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I found a bottle of this at Hobby Lobby. You can use plain old ink pads you simply need to work a little faster. This way if you use the translucent powder it gives you more color choices.

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