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Why do ghosts wear clothes?

Asked by evelyns_pet_zebra (12908points) January 29th, 2009

if ghosts are the spiritual remains of once living beings, why do they have clothes on? Clothing was never alive, and therefore should not be part of the apparition. All ghosts (should they actually exist) should appear naked. Also, how do ghosts moan, since they do not have a physical voice box with which to move air across a larnyx to make sounds?

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I don’t think you’ve ever seen a ghost, and therefore don’t know what you’re talking aboot.

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I don’t think a ghost is a spirit, more of an energy form that exists in the same place on another time frame, kind of overlapping.

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What about the theory that energy is “trapped”, okay never mind, elijah just answered. Good on ya, elijah.

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Oh, you’re good!

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Because they’re imaginary and that’s how people imagine them.

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If I were going to spend time imagining people, I’d like to think I’d imagine them naked, though…

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So you can’t see their dirty bits.

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they dont wear clothes, they wear bed sheets

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in my experience they have been white bed sheets

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should I click good answer for both?!

enjoy double the lurve, you clever bastard

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I’ve always been bothered by the depiction of ghosts in clothing too. I thought they ought to be naked. I remember asking my mother about that when I was a kid. I don’t recall getting a satisfactory answer. (Now I guess parents can just say “Go google that!”)

For some reason the voice idea never bothered me. But now no doubt it will.

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I don’t think anyone wants to see Grandpop wandering around with his junk out.
Since it’s all in our head anyway, why not give him a pair of pants?

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Honestly, I never pictured a naked ghost. I just assumed they appeared in what they died in.

As for the voice, I have no clue. That’s why I am hooked on Ghost Hunters. I love anything that deals with ghosts. Anything that I don’t have an answer for intrigues me.

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there is probably one right behind you, so just turn around and ask him if he gives you a moan that probably means he got stuck wearing his sisters van halen tshirt and he would have rather wear his big lebowski robe

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They don’t because they’re not real.

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@BONZO. The ghost behind me right now is naked and she looks like Marilyn Monroe so I’m going to beg off Fluther and see if my matter will mix with her anti-matter in a frisky kind of way. If she ends up moaning, that will be a bonus.

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Modesty isn’t lost on a ghost.

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I’ve seen one ghost in my many years and my dog saw him too. He had on a Civil War era uniform. Personally, if I died in the military the first thing I’d want to do is rip that damn uniform off. I don’t understand it, myself.

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Ghosts are really fallen angels (demons) masquerating as passed away friends/loved ones so they mass deceive the world that heaven/hell don’t exist, the trick is to make easier for them to steal as many souls to eternal hellfire as posible .

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Ghost appears to be our illusion. We are the one creating the image.

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Ghosts don’t exist, thus they don’t wear clothes. Simple as that.

Some people may have hallucinations that causes ghost-like images to appear. In this case, since the hallucination is made by the brain, the brain puts clothes on it, because that’s what’s supposed to happen to people.

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To anyone who assumes I don’t know what I am talking about because I have never seen a ghost, you assume a lot on very limited information. I’ve never seen Saturn or Jupiter in person, yet I know they exist because there is evidence for them. Same goes for something as simple as a water molecule. I’ve never seen one, but I know water exists, as I drink the stuff. There is no evidence for ghosts other than anecdotal, which proves nothing.

Ghosts, like gods, are imaginary, and created solely by humans to explain that which they have no other answer for. I’d be the first to assume that something I don’t understand has a natural reason for existing before I’d assume it was my dead Grandpa coming back to ‘haunt’ me for whatever reason.

I’ve researched enough supposed paranormal activity on my own for many years (that’s what a skeptic does, ya know) to realize that wishing something is true doesn’t make it so.

And much lurve to dynamicduo, mea05key, simone54, Jeruba, and PubnTaco for using your brains, your brains thank you.

And finally, to seVen, thanks for the laugh for your answer, you are a great comedian, oh wait, you are serious, right? Somehow, that makes it all the more funnier.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra, “I’ve never seen Saturn or Jupiter in person, yet I know they exist because there is evidence for them.”

Well, like anything else you haven’t experienced for yourself, you are just taking someones word for it. You “know” Saturn exists because people have told you it exists. That’s no different then someone telling you they had seen a ghost…

Unless I misunderstood you.

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Why do fools fall in love?

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Nope, they’re real. I saw him and I watched as my dogs head followed where he was walking. It was late at night and there was no one else around that she could have been looking at instead. I didn’t think they existed either, until that moment. I know it’s a tough thing to comprehend but they really are around us.

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@loser, I used to see weird things when I smoked a lot of pot too. Having your brain altered by chemicals is a good way to hallucinate, and marijuana is a narcotic with mild hallucinogenic properties. My dog stares off into space a lot too, but I assume it is because her hearing is ten times better than mine, not because she is seeing my dead Aunt Agnes dancing across the attic. Ghosts are not real, in my opinion. I have spent time in haunted places and saw nothing. Check out Sagan’s Demon Haunted World for a good idea of why people continue to believe in things that go bump in the night.

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@btko, When I say I know Saturn or Jupiter exists, I have only seen pictures, but I am sure more likely to accept images from NASA and other scientific photo journal sites than I am going to believe ghosts are real because some pothead saw a ghost with his dog. I’ve seen things I cannot explain plenty of times, but to automatically assume something is supernatural because you can’t explain it is not very well thought out. Might as well blame Zeus for the lightning. I have made photgraphs of ghosts that could fool all of the ghost believers here, but in fact, they are simply pictures of ordinary things seen in unusual circumstances. That, or I was being creative in PhotoShop. Logically, ghosts wearing clothes or making noises is nonsensical. Why ghosts don’t get blown away in a strong breeze, or sink through thru the floor like they pass through walls is another thing that makes no sense. Ghosts are as real as Jesus is, and you can take that anyway you like. :-)

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It is kinda fun to believe though. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, especially when it comes to anything spooky. I thrive for that kind of stuff.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Cool, believe whatever you’d like.

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@jonsblond I agree, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love ghosts zombies skeletons and all that mythical stuff involving the unknown and the walking dead and demons and of course clowns, it’s all so much fun. I decorate my yard with the intention of scaring the bejeebers out of the people who Trick or Treat. People get a thrill out of being scared, and I say give the people what they want.

But every once in awhile, we get a little kid just pissing his pants frightened, and that is when I peel off the mask and tell them that it is all make-believe. There’s no point in traumatizing the little bugger. Spooky is great.

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As dangerous as it is, not a lot of strippers die on the dance floor…

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I often thought of this myself, and I do believe in ghosts strongly. I do have a hyper imagination, but over the numerious times I have been in the dark, I only enountered some form of haunting a very few times, and with my imagination, I’m surprised to have seen more. I once saw a ball of light floating through the forest at night near this museum that is said to be haunted, plus walking away from the said building, a bright light shot past me, and watched it roll ahead of me along the fields. It was very bright, and stunned/shocked me for a second, but when I turned around, only part visible part of the house was the roof and tower(Stories said thathat a light shines from that tower at nights, but I never really quite believed it) and the one window, a vertically tall(I have seen it in the day-time, and have been in the tower), and when walking, I was looking downwards when the light passed through me, and I noticed a light silloette of the window’s shape, panes and all. I didn’t go there to see anything, heck I wasn’t really scared at the moment before the ball of light, nor when I left…it was more a shock thing. I also saw black shadiowy figures moving at the base of the house, there is a light near the back of the building that make them somewhat visible through the tall bushes, but figured I was imagining that. I do have an hyperactive imagination, especally when scared, but most times I saw something, like a ghost, I wasn’t scared, or expecting anything…just appeared, which was like maybe very few times in my lifetime…one when I was 4, and it just appeared in front of the door. I know I didn’t imagine the light, and I know I saw it.

As for why ghost have clothes…well, most ghosts don’t wear clothes, they appear as small floating orbs, and een have appeared as figure shaped entities, with no features, like a shadow, no clothes. The ones that have had clothes, well I believe that they are just caught in time that way. That’s the way they appeared at death, such as a violent and/or unexpected death, or even something they enjoyed wearing as the living. The idea of the clothes dieng is silly, the clothes they wear isn’t really clothes, just a part of their memory.

As for voices, that’s abit harder to explain..I would guess it’s a voice echo…now I have yet to hear a ghost make moans, I think that’s just a cliched sterotype…they mostly make noises via other means, such as moving something. They can speak in your dreams, as they are spirit-bound beings, and can communicate that way, I would surmise. I wonder if that’s how some can “talk” to a living person, they would pick up mentally, and preceive it as audible. Just guessing there.Only voices I heard were voice echoes, the stuff that is captured on tape, and is usually staticy, and quite brief and simple. I don’t think ghosts can actually speak to you on a physical level, as you state, they have no voice box. I myself never heard anything, but remember, spirits run on a different plane of existance, so we don’t know how they or if they can communicate vocal-wise.

Those are my theories at least, but just because you never experienced a ghost, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Our soul exist, but never seen it, nor anyone else’s soul. I think when it comes to ghosts and the paranormal/supernatural, you just have to have an open mind.

Also, visiting a haunted place, and not seeing any ghosts persay, isn’t evidence against them. I have been to haunted places with the same results, but have been to one, as I mentioned, many many times, and only experienced something one time. You can’t just decide to go to a place and say, I better see something….if they show up in your presence in some form, they will show up, but not because you want them to. That’s why ghost hunting is so hard to prove, they often won’t show up on command or for an audience. It’s just a thing you have to let happen on it’s own, and there’s also a chance you may not or never will be willing to be open minded enough inside to allow yourself to see anything. One could have had an experience, and just have dismissed it as something else, not even thinking it was supernatural cause, because you already had it set in your mind that it was something else….not that’s a bad thing mind ya. :)

pardon any typos…I type while looking at the keyboard, and may have missed some mistakes or extra letters I made. Pardon my lenth, I tried to be brief and descriptive, and try to get my point across.

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Ghosts are said to be a projection of the person before death. They will appear as such in death. If they become ghosts. If they were wearing clothes, the projection shall include them. Ghosts don’t follow logic, they follow recognition. We wouldn’t be ghosts otherwise. Like Santa.
General belief, at least when thinking of the classic European ghost mythology.
In many cultures, ghosts or spirits take on a specific form, no matter what they looked like in life. Weak light, smoke, a ball of light, things like that. There’s a big difference in reverting back, or forward, to some differing plane of existence, and the belief of ghosts strongly intertwined with sorrow and memories.
The classic bedsheet originates from corpses being wrapped up and then buried. Either that, or people didn’t have much imagination when they saw some creepy, inexplicable light or mist in the darkness.

Howling ghosts. Illogical yes, but it is a strong symbolism attached to the popular mythology of ghosts, when it comes to the idea of being stranded on the earthly realm due to inconclusive elements in life.

People and their beliefs are not really different. In Japan, should you have failed to live a life of honour, the Western equivalent of going to Hell…your lower body burns forever. Why don’t the clothes burn away, or why the dead don’t ’‘die’’ from the fire is beyond me.

I’m just stuck here.

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