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The correct Diagnosis for pain in my right arm...

Asked by holster77 (33points) January 30th, 2009

For a few months now i have been having pain in my right arm, running below and parrallel to my bicep . I have been unable to find a diagnosis on the net but i’m assuming it’s a muscular problem, maybe a tear?. If i stretch a little bit there is pain, if i touch the area it is strangely numb, if i press firmly against the area it is excrutiating. What is wrong with my arm i wonder?? I’m only 31 and this is the tip of problems i have with my body lol. I have had lower back problems over the last couple of years but i don’t think it is linked to this. Hope you can help?

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I don’t know about a diagnosis, but as far as a prognosis.. a doctor is your best bet. Why haven’t you seen one?

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@NaturalMineralWater ,because people who ask medical questions on internet sites are not quite all there,bloody hell!if your dog is poorly you take it straight to the vet,humans on the other hand will post a question and hope to get an answer to end their misery.
It does not matter that the person answering is unknown to the poster“he/she just may have the answer”,what a load of bollocks,if you are fucking poorly and think it may be serious the GO TO THE FUCKING DOCTORS!!!!!Do not wait until you have a fucking heart attack!!!!!!!!!!Sorry about the rant,but this guy may just have an arterial blockage and to lay this at the door of an internet site is fucking barmy to say the least!!

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My Father has stopped breathing,can anybody tell me whats wrong?

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WOW, mum just passed out and banged her head…erm should i ring for help or log on and ask all my friends on Fluther…..erm…’s a toughie….erm,log on.NO NO NO NO NO…....GET A FUCKING AMBULANCE!!!!!!!

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Alright oasis, I think we get the point. Yes, people will ask for medical advice on the internet in place of talking to their doctors. Why? Who knows. The best we can do is tell them to go see their doctor. Or, I guess you could keep going with your approach of ridiculing them, but I doubt they’d want to keep being a member here after being treated to such a pleasant answer.

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@dynamicduo ,it is so crazy that you would ask a medical question on an internet chat room.

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Even more crazier than asking the question, is following the advice of random people on the Internet who have no real concern over you!

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