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Should dogs be allowed on beaches and playing fields?

Asked by c_gunningham (283points) January 30th, 2009

Hypothetically.. a dog poo’s on a playing field, dog’s owner picks it up, obviously some residue left. A kid falls down in it and gets ill. Is this right?

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Beer bottles,needles,spit,piss,shit,graffiti,foul language,abuse,intimidation,

Give me the dog shit any day!

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Coming your way.

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Thanks dude,Terrier is my favourite

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The chances of a kid falling down on the exact spot where dog poo was left, and it entering his body in some form seem slim. I live in Northern Virginia and every year in gym class our fields had geese crap all over them. We still went out and had class and to my knowledge none of us ever contracted anything. I think it’s a bit alarmist to think it should be a real worry. Kids get dirty. Kids get sick. Kids bounce back.

People don’t throw their children in the mud enough anymore.

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@oasis: You need to find a new park to play in.

@asmonet: Lurve for goose poo; I lived with it and now my kids both do the same – it’s almost hysterical…and it must be regional!

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@bythebay: Yeah, gotta love migratory flocks. >:)

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@asmonet: my daughter compares to running on stale cheese-puffs!

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Yes, long as they are surfing and playing football…

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As long as the owners are responsible and pick up after their pets (which may be unrealistic), sure.

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We used to play mud football in the horse arena every year after our showing was done for the county fair. We would wet the arena down, shit and all! No one ever got sick – and we were practically swimming in it.

People worry way too much these days. If you don’t expose your kids to germs, etc. they won’t build up their immune systems and then they do get sick!

Basically, my point is – as long as the owners are responsible, let the dogs play

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One cannot protect a child from every form of dirt and bacteria out there. When we have tried we have created kids more prone to allergies and super bacteria. As a parent, I would be worried a lot more right now about MRSA than fecal matter. There was an old truism my mother used to say, which I think still holds true, “You eat a peck o’ dirt before you die.”

Further, people with pets are just as entitled to use the parks and beaches as you are. I think special dog beaches and dog parks can be set aside for off-leash activities.

Ever been at a movie or sporting event and seen a parent leave a dirty diaper right there among the seats? Euwwww!

Gone to a bathroom where someone tinkled on the seat because they would put their precious germ-free a** on it, but could not be bothered to wipe off their piss so the next person had a clean seat?

I hardly think dogs are the big issue in terms of health and safety as long as ordinary precautions are used.

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Seriously, I think dog poo is the least of worries when it comes to what children could fall in, see, experience, get sick from, etc. Let the doggies run free!

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