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Freelance graphic designers...what do you write-off on your taxes?

Asked by rawpixels (2655points) January 30th, 2009

I did quite a bit of freelance design work in 2008, and I want to maximize my deductions. My question is, what things do you write-off?

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Internet connection (everyone’s got to have one to do business). You can write off computers, cameras, milage, the price of the programs to do you designing. You can write off part of your personal phone cost if you use it to do business. If you use a part of your apartment for only buisness, you could techinally subsidize part of your rent for your work area.

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@bodyhead Awesome..thanks!

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Printer, paper, ink toner can likely be written off in part. It’s tough though to prove that the computer/printer/apartment area is ONLY for business use, so don’t get greedy in your deductions, cause that’s when the taxman comes to check up on you.

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I write off:
• Computers and software (depreciated over time)
• Internet connection
• Mobile phone bill
• Travel expenses (either mileage or wear & tear, not both) incl. parking
• Camera equipment (depreciated over time)
• Printing expenses and supplies (in and out house)
• Peripherals (printer, scanner, etc.) (depreciated over time)
• Sub-contractors fees (if I hire someone else to help on a job)
• Professional development training (classes I take, books I read, etc.)
• Food & Dining expenses (when I travel on business or for client meetings)

You can only deduct a percentage of these things, not the total cost. Be sure to get a well recommended accountant to help you with this. The AIGA or GAG can recommend one in your area.

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Thanks for all the info. I appreciate it

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Take a look at Schedule C of the Federal Income Tax forms and you’ll see the categories of deductible expenses.

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rawpixels, dynamicduo up there is right. Don’t write off anything you can’t PROVE. If I was a taxman and I had to audit someone, it would be much easier to trip up people with a lot of deductions. Make sure you have your ducks in a row and with the phone and internet and stuff, if you use it for buisness 40% of the time, I would deduct 40% of the expense.

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@bodyhead This is why you need a reputable accountant. He/she will be worth the cost.

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- Percentage of mortgage, utilities, and all household expenses (studio square feet compared to home square feet)
– Software expenses
– Hardware expenses
– Consumables (ink, paper)
– Self-promotion/advertising (competition entries, promo postcards, postage)
– Web hosting
– Internet service provider
– Cell phone
– Professional organization membership
– Trade magazine subscriptions

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